IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Beautiful Places with Band 8 Sample

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Beautiful Places With Band 8 Sample

Part 1 Topic: Beautiful places     

  1. What are some ancient cities in your country?

[City 1] and [City 2].  The former used to be our country’s capital and the latter has been for more than a thousand years. In both of these cities there are lot of historical monuments and cultural attractions.

Also check:

  1. Why do they attract tourists?

They attract tourists because of their historical significance; many people visit these cities to learn more about past events and historical sites they have only read about. Ancient cities also contain old buildings that have been preserved architecturally, that have cultural or religious values.

  1. How to preserve these cities?

Historical sites should be restored. Their history and cultural aspects should be promoted through classes in schools and the construction of museums and galleries. Tour guides should also be vetted by the government to ensure that they’re knowledgeable about the historical sites they introduce to visitors.

  1. Do you think modern cities are built the same now?

No, I don’t. In my country, for example, our roads are pretty narrow and people largely use private vehicles instead of public transportation. In developed countries, I think the roads are wider and public transportation is much better and more popular.

  1. How will cities look like in the future?

I think cities will still have a lot of tall buildings, but they will use green energy and be more environmentally friendly than they are now. Roads will be wider, cleaner and have fewer vehicles, which can drive themselves.

  1. What are some improvements taking place in your cities?

Many roads, bridges and highways are being built to make transportation more convenient. Millions of trees have been planted to reduce air pollution, and projects have been proposed to remove trash from rivers and streets.

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