IELTS Podcast 7 – Part 1 Topic: Food /Meal



What food do people where you live usually eat?

Carbs are a staple (a basic food, something we often eat)  in our diet. Along with this, meat, fish, and tofu are very popular. Since meat was difficult to attain in the past due to poverty, we now have a meat-based diet. As we live near the sea, seafood is quite popular as well, especially squid, crabs, shrimp, and clams. Even though tofu prepared in different ways is popular as well, you will find few vegetarians here.


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Which meal of the day do you think is the most important?

I would definitely say breakfast since it’s always been called  the “most important meal of the day”. I think its way gives us fuel for our day. We should eat nutritious, high-calorie foods in the morning to boost our energy and metabolism for the rest of the day. I do notice I feel better when I have a balanced, hearty breakfast.

What do you usually eat for lunch (breakfast, dinner)?

For breakfast, I usually have some porridge with rice, meat, and vegetables with a fresh fruit juice and 2 cups of coffee. Unfortunately, I’m a caffeine addict. For lunch, I usually have some sort of carb, like noodles or rice, with some meat, tofu, or seafood, and vegetables. For dinner, I always have steamed white rice with vegetables and meat or fish. My family always shares several small plates, as it is our eating culture. Moreover, we always take our time eating since it’s tedious (takes a long time, very detailed) to prepare.

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Do you think it is better to eat one big meal a day or is it better to eat several smaller meals each day?

The latter! It’s always been said that that is the healthier way. I know for example that after a huge meal, I tend to feel tired and want to take a nap. However, if I steadily (slow; non-stopping) eat throughout the day, I feel more energized, not to mention I always feel full. Although I don’t follow this, I certainly feel better this way! Maybe if I did this I would have a better body.

Is there any special food that you particularly like?

Several! However, I’m a cheese addict. I’m not something that we often consume in my country, so it’s a special treat for me. I just adore the rich, fatness of it! Moreover, I love that it can be added to almost everything and it instantly makes it delicious!

Would you like to try any new food?

I would try many foods, but not all. For example, I could never try dog or cat. Since I’ve had these animals as pets, I couldn’t bear (tolerate) to eat them. Maybe all animals are equal, but for me personally, I think some animals are okay to eat, but I feel that eating pets is too much! They are our friends, not food.

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