The Key To IELTS Success by Pauline Cullen (Ebook)


The Key To IELTS Success helps to solve common IELTS problems and shows you how to get the IELTS score you need.  

This Ebook aims to solve common IELTS problems and it also shows how you can get the desired score. It gives an idea as to why for some it is difficult to score well in the IELTS examination.

How can this book help?

IELTS learners usually face three key problems during their IELTS preparation.

  • Firstly, many people are using free or cheap test practice materials.
  • Secondly, the vast majority are following advice about how to quickly reach a high level based on these materials. This attempt to save time and money is a false economy because the materials and the accompanying advice do not reflect the real test, where the suggested ‘tricks’ do not work. Consequently, those who rely on these remain stuck at the same level and ultimately spend more and more money re-taking the test.
  • The third issue relates to studying language. Many of those who contact me are self-study students who have never studied the language at a high level before, and many feel stuck, particularly in writing.

This book aims to address these three issues. It will help you separate IELTS facts from IELTS fiction, recommend reliable resources, and show you how to study a language at an advanced level, so you can finally achieve your IELTS goal.


Why is this book different from the advice found online?

What we write reflects our perspective and experiences in life. So, the experience I have had with language learning, language teaching, and test writing, all help to shape my books. I studied languages at university and qualified as a language teacher in 1985. I taught English as a Second Language until 1997 and was always drawn to teaching Cambridge exam classes. I became a Cambridge examiner in the early 1990s and taught IELTS classes when it was first introduced in
Australia, in 1992. I became an IELTS examiner in 1993 and began writing test materials professionally in 1995. The image below shows my very first reading test passage. When writing, you could say that I wear three hats: the hat of the language student, the language teacher, and the test writer. If you add this book to my other books about IELTS or those of the writers I will recommend later, then you will know everything that you need to know about IELTS and for IELTS.

How to get this book?

You can download this ebook from the link below:

The Key To IELTS Success

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