Describe a shop just opened in your hometown – IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Topic in 2017

IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Topic In 2017 Describe A Shop Just Opened In Your Hometown

IELTS Cue Card

Describe a shop just opened in your hometown

You should say

  • where the shop is
  • what items it sells
  • how often you go there
  • why you go there

Sample Answer

Well, a new shop in my city? I think I would choose “ABC”, which was just opened 2 months ago near my house. Though it’s still new to the citizens in the area, a lot of people visit it all the weekends. This shop mainly focuses on a variety of household appliances which are a necessity for everyone. Therefore, it usually sells TV, washing machine, refrigerators and other cooking machine like ovens, cookers or stoves. Since the day it was opened, life in my neighborhood has been very joyful. People don’t have to travel for a long way to buy TV or cookers anymore since there is a very big shop which offers them a lot of good electronic devices. Besides, this shop, which can seat up to 1000 people, is very spacious and modern with well-trained staff and good service. Hence, these are also some reasons why I enjoy this new shop a lot as there is no need to wasting time on travelling to a faraway place.

Also check :


  • citizen [n] a person who is a member of a particular country and who has rights because of being born there or because of being given rights, or a person who lives in a particular town or city
  • variety [n] many different types of things or people
  • household appliance [phrase] a machine that is designed to do a particular thing in the home, such as preparing food, heating or cleaning
  • necessity [n] something that you need, especially in order to live
  • neighborhood [n] the area of a town that surrounds someone’s home, or the people who live in this area
  • seat [v] (of a building, room, table or vehicle) to have enough seats for
  • well-trained [a] having the qualities that you connect with trained and skilled people, such as effectiveness, skill, organization and seriousness of manner

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Question for Part 3

What type(s) of shop would you recommend a visitor to your country should go to? (Why?)

If travelers ever want to have an authentic and unforgettable experience during their journey, I would highly recommend they pay a visit to traditional markets or food stands on the street to have a taste of true street foods, which are diverse in types and flavors. Street vendors will also offer visitors a wide range of delicious dishes and true dining experience.

Vocabulary :

Authentic (adj) genuine

Do you ever buy anything on the internet?

I reckon that most of clothing items I have ever bought are from ABC, an online fashion shop where you can find basically everything you need to become a stylish lady. From sexy little black dresses for partying to formal blouses for day life at office, ABC won’t let you down. Since e-commerce and online shopping has become a trend thanks to its convenience and optimal user experience, I no longer spend 30 minutes driving to any clothing shops and another 2 hours choosing and trying on everything. In fact, with only my laptop and a cup of coffee, I can easily shop from home with even more choices. Internet really works magic.

Let you down (phrasal verb) disappoint somebody

E-commerce (noun) the buying and selling of goods and services via the internet

Optimal (adj) best or most favorable

What do you think are the advantages of buying things on the internet?

Online shopping has been prevalent in a past few years for reasons. First and foremost, buying online is incredibly time-saving. Well, obviously, time is considered the most precious asset that everyone has but many have taken it for granted. Instead of spending hours driving to your favorite malls to get some new clothes of the latest collection, your problem can be solved with only Internet connections and, of course, your fine taste in fashion. No energy is needed, either. Secondly, you always have best deals when subscribing to any online stores, which can save you tons of money that you even notice. Some shops even offer exclusive promotions for loyal customers, therefore, get ready for special treats. Lastly, you can easily switch from site to site to have even more choices without moving anything but your fingers. How awesome is that.

Vocabulary :

Prevalent (adj) Predominant; powerful

First and foremost (phrase) most importantly

Taken it for granted (idiom) Fail to properly appreciate (someone or something)

Are there any disadvantages (or dangers) of buying on the internet? (What?)

Every cloud has a silver lightning. Online shopping, in particular and e-commerce in general are true advancement in modern world, however, their drawbacks couldn’t be overlooked. It is widely known that there is no such thing as 100% nowadays, cyber security included. No less than once or twice have I heard about users’ information has been leaked, which can cause a serious threat to customers who are using that company’s products or services. Another concern should also be taken into account is overspending due to constant exposure to products of preference. By this I mean technology has advanced to the point that any shopping sites, especially social media, all have algorithm that can track your shopping habits and keep reminding you not to miss their latest items that might attract you. What a clever, yet annoying tool at the same time.

Vocabulary :

Every cloud has a silver lightning (idiom) something good even in an unpleasant situation

Cyber security (phrase) the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access

Take something into account (phrase) to consider something to be an important factor in some decision

Algorithm (noun) a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations

Do you like window shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

I must say I am not a big fan of window shopping no matter how shopaholic I am. Window shopping can only worsen my financial status rather than helping. Admittedly, it pleases your eyes when looking at gorgeous clothing and fancy handbags, yet, it’s too much a temptation that not anyone can resist. As a result, you end up being drown in debt just because the urge to become a trendy lady gets a better hold of you than your modest budget. Hence, as I know myself well enough to understand that would be my reaction towards anything that is pretty, I would rather stay home than window shopping.

Vocabulary :

A (big) fan of (phrase) an enthusiastic devotee or admirer of something or somebody

Window shopping (phrase) the activity of going to a store or website to look at goods rather than to buy anything

Shopaholic (noun) a person considered to be addicted to shopping

Get hold of (phrase) To gain control of

End up (phrasal verb) finish, result in

In your country, how has shopping changed in the past few decades?

Just like any other parts of the world, Singapore has experienced dramatic changes in customers’ behavior when it comes to shopping. One of the striking features of shopping habits these days is people tend to buy things online and get them delivered to their houses, regardless of what kinds of items. It could be pizzas, clothing or kitchen appliances. Besides, international trade has afforded customers easy access to a wider range of products and services which are not only from domestic suppliers but foreign ones as well. Lots of items have been imported to meet the demand of users within the country, ranging from food and beverage, cosmetics, cars and so on.

Vocabulary :

When it comes to Ving (expression) as for something; speaking about something

Regardless of (conjunction) without considering something

And so on (phrase) et cetera (etc)

Do you think people spend too much time (or money) on shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

I can’t tell for sure because the amount of time spent on shopping varies among different people. Nevertheless, thanks to the advent of Internet and online shopping, that amount might be relatively less than it used to be. Besides, people seem to be busier and their schedules get tighter with much more important tasks other than shopping itself. Therefore, I don’t think shopping is people’s priority or anything more than a necessary deed to get on with life.

Vocabulary :

Get on with (phrasal verb) to give your time to something and make progress with it

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