IELTS Indicator 2021 | The Test to Support You During the Covid-19 Situation

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IELTS Indicator 2021 | The Test to Support You During the Covid-19 Situation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking the IELTS Indicator?

The key benefit of the IELTS Indicator test is that the test can be taken at home at the aspirant's convenience. IELTS Indicator is an official IELTS product that can be trusted, and many universities accept IELTS Indicator scores

Is the IELTS Indicator the same as IELTS?

IELTS Indicator is a session-based online test that can be taken from any place of convenience. The test is the same as IELTS in terms of content, format, structure, and timing. However, it is to be noted that the IELTS Indicator is not a substitute for the in-person IELTS test, which is subject to the highest quality controls and security procedures

Which mode of payment is acceptable for the IELTS Indicator?

The British Council and IDP accept payments from any locally/internationally issued credit and debit cards for the IELTS Indicator test. However, if candidates make the payment through a local debit card, they must contact their bank before making the payment

Will the test be timed?

The time limit for the IELTS Indicator test will be strictly controlled and monitored. Each section will be time-bound, and candidates can't pause the test. They must be available for approximately 2 hours 45 minutes to complete the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections.

Is the IELTS Indicator accepted everywhere?

As the IELTS Indicator doesn't replace an in-person IELTS test at the test center, it is not acceptable at all organizations. However, the candidates must check with their respective university or education center before booking for the IELTS Indicator test.

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Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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