IELTS SPEAKING PART 1: Questions and Sample Answers – topic : Birthday

IELTS SPEAKING PART 1: Questions and Sample Answers
IELTS SPEAKING PART 1: Questions and Sample Answers

IELTS SPEAKING PART 1: Questions and Sample Answers Band 8+

Here are some ideas and suggested answers for IELTS Speaking Part 1. Let’s learn some new vocabularies on birthday and clothing topics.


– Is it important to celebrate one’s birthday? Why?

Well, everyone, regardless their age, deserves to have a meaningful birthday celebration not only to mark another milestone of their life but to share wishes and happiness with their beloved ones. Even though some might claim that birthday doesn’t matter much and it only reminds them of how old they are, they still probably secretly enjoy the warmth and attention from others on their special day.


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– How birthdays of children are celebrated in your country?

Children are likely to be the ones who adore birthdays the most since they can be spoilt with plethora of presents and wishes. There aren’t any essential differences in how people celebrate their children’s birthday among countries, I believe. Basically, we are all going to throw a party with birthday cake which could be varied in shapes and flavors and, most importantly, express our love and support for our kids on their every stage of life.

– What is the most important age in your country?

Generally speaking, every stage of a human’s life is destined for some specific activities and purposes. Therefore, we consider all phases of life with equal significance. Yet, if I had to pick one, 18 would be my choice since it is a turning point which signals maturity, opening a new chapter in one’s journey.

– How is it celebrated?

People always have their own ways to celebrate and enjoy life and their birthday parties are no exceptions. We often come across Sweet 18 or Coming of Age ceremony, which are relatively the same as any birthday party except with bigger scale and higher bills.

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Useful vocabulary and expressions:

  • milestone (n):  very important stage or event in the development of something
  • remind somebody of something: to help somebody remember something, especially something important that they must do
  • likely (a): probable or expected
  • adore (v): to like something very much
  • spoil – spoilt – spoilt (v): pamper, give someone anything he/ she wants
  • plethora (n): an amount that is greater than is needed or can be used
  • throw a party: organize a party
  • destined (for) (a): on the way to or intended for a place
  • turning point (n): the time when an important change takes place, usually with the result that a situation improves
  • maturity (n): the state of being fully grown or developed

Also check :


– Do you think wearing a hat on sunny days is important?

It is widely understood that radiation from the sun has extreme detrimental impacts on our health, especially our skin which can cause several skin problems ranging from sunburn to cancer. As a result, applying sunscreen or wearing a hat on sunny days to reduce sunlight exposure is crucial. This not only saves you from skin issues but helps to decelerate aging process in general.

– Did you wear a hat as a child? Why?

Unfortunately, I was kind of stubborn and disobedient when I was younger, therefore, despite my mother’s warnings, I rarely put on a hat or jacket to cover my skin when playing outside. You don’t usually pay much attention to your physical appearance when you’re a kid, don’t you? Or at least that was what I and most of my friends used to think. However, it’s not too late to start wearing a hat and protect your skin now.

– What is the importance of a hat?

Many has considered a hat a trivial piece of clothing for covering purpose only, yet, stylists and designers around the world have turned hats into not only useful but fashionable accessories to meet market’s demands as well. Beside their initial and major function as sunshades, hats are now playing big roles in complementing one’s outfit, making them ones of the most necessary items in every girl’s closet.

Useful vocabularies and expressions:

  • radiation (n):  powerful and very dangerous rays that are sent out from radioactive substances
  • detrimental (a): harmful
  • exposure (to something) (n):  the state of being in a place or situation where there is no protection from something harmful or unpleasant
  • decelerate (v): to become or make something become slower
  • aging process (n): becoming or appearing older or elderly
  • stubborn (a): determined not to change your opinion or attitude
  • disobedient (a): failing or refusing to obey
  • trivial (a): not important or serious; not worth considering
  • sunshade (n): a light umbrella or other object such as an awning, that is used to protect people from hot sun
  • complement (v): to add to something in a way that improves it or makes it more attractive
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