IELTS To Success ( Ebook & Audio)

IELTS To Success ( Ebook & Audio)

IELTS To Success is designed to help you prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination by providing strategies and material to practice in all areas of the test.

IELTS To Success is aimed specifically at people taking the IELTS Academic Module rather than the General Training Module. The Introduction provides an overview of IELTS for readers not familiar with the test. It contains a breakdown of each section of the examination, including content and procedure.

The Skills and Strategies section discusses skills that are especially important in setting IELTS. We suggest you look through this section to help you identify any skill areas in which you may need to improve. This section will also help you become familiar with the kinds of instructions and tasks found in IELTS tests. The listening tasks in this section can he heard on Audio Cassette One, Side A of the audio cassettes that have been developed to accompany this hook. (These cassettes are available as separate sale items. They can also be obtained by purchasing the book and cassette package, which is also available.)


Of particular importance in the Skills and Strategies section are the pages focusing on the Speaking Module. Because the actual subtest is done as a one-to-one live intent view, it is beyond the capabilities of a book to provide opportunities for genuine practice. Nonetheless, this book takes a comprehensive look at what is expected of you in the interview and offer various language strategies and tips we have found to be useful.

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The next sections are made up of practice papers for the IELTS Listening, Reading and Writing Modules. There are three complete Practice Listening Papers, to be done while listening to the above-mentioned audio cassettes that accompany this book. They are followed by six Practice Reading Papers and six Practice Writing Papers.

Finally, we provide answers for the Practice Listening and Heading Papers and sample answers tor the Practice Writing Papers, followed by tapescripts for the Listening Papers.

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