IELTS Writing Actual Test 45 (Task 1 & 2) & Sample Answers

Writing Task 1 Topic: - ielts writing task 1

SAMPLE Band 8.0+

The diagram illustrates the overview of the recycling process of used bottles. It is clear that there are three distinct stages in this process, from bottle collection to the delivery of new ones to customers.

At the beginning of the process, bottles with different shapes and colors are gathered at the collection point. These containers are then transported to a plant in which they will be washed by high pressurized water. After that, these clean bottles will be sorted according to their colors which are brown, green or clear.

These sorted bottles will be brought to a recycling plant where they will be put in a furnace to produce molten recycled glass. At the following stage, this liquid will be mixed with new liquid glass. This mixture can be shaped in a tool called mould to make new bottles. Finally, these end products are delivered to supermarkets to serve customers.


Writing Task 2

Some people think that developing countries need financial help from international organizations. Others think that it is practical aid and advice that is needed. Discuss these views and give your own opinion.

Sample Band 8.0+

There is a difference of opinions on what kind of help is more necessary for third world countries. In my view, support in the form of money shows less practicality than other types of useful aid and consultancy.

On the one hand, I understand why some people argue it is best to provide financial assistance for developing countries. Firstly, external monetary flow enables executive bodies of those countries to carry out a variety of functions, for example infrastructural development, social healthcare, water and power supplies. This would help avoid stagnation and foster economic progress. Secondly, when state income from taxes is inadequate, foreign cash injections are vital to maintain effective administration systems by paying standard salaries for governmental staff members who play supervisory roles in all sections of a nation.

On the other hand, I would side with those who believe other forms of assistance should be given. Sustainable growth does not merely depend on money, but on how a country is governed and directed, particularly diplomacy and the resolution of concerning internal issues like poverty, crime, or unemployment. In this spectrum, less developed countries certainly do not have enough experience, which emphasizes the need for direction and consultancy from experienced organizations. Furthermore, even if financially supported, third world countries still need experts in the fields of science, law and medicine in order to encourage their development. However, scientists, lawyers and doctors can only be trained, and professional and systematic education and training programs are therefore more practical and suitable in the context of developing nations.

In conclusion, owing to the aforementioned arguments, it seems to me that instead of monetarily assisting poor countries, global help should come in other forms such as advice and training courses.

By Zim

Sample Essay Band 9.0

Developing countries often require the help of international organizations in order to become more economically developed. A point of debate is whether financial aid is preferable compared to practical aid and advice. Some believe that financial aid is more helpful. However, others, including me, tend to agree that receiving practical aid and advice from international organizations may be more effective as a solution to long-term problems and in helping countries in achieving economic development.

It is argued that international organizations should supply direct financial aid as it can help relieve poverty and other economic problems faced by developing countries. For example, they can provide people with the basic necessities for daily living, such as housing and food and thereby. This will help reduce the rate of poverty in countries such as Indonesia and Cambodia. Furthermore, meeting daily necessities is particularly important in rebuilding a country in the event of natural disasters, such as the Aceh tsunami in 2005. Therefore, financial support from foreign organizations plays an important role in helping developing countries meet economic goals such as decreasing poverty.

However, practical support and advice may be more instrumental as long-term solutions to economic problems faced by developing countries. Whereas direct monetary resources is limited and therefore, can only act as short-term aid, practical advice is far more effective in teaching people in developing countries to be self-reliant. For example, training local workers through experts and experienced professionals can create a more knowledgeable and independent workforce and increase economic productivity. In Africa for example, women are educated on how to effectively handle finances through setting up their own micro organizations. This will help provide them with a stable and sustainable source of income in the long-run, and reduce their dependence on foreign financial aid

In summary, although financial aid can help alleviate poverty that is often a characteristic of developing countries, international organizations should focus on providing practical aid and advice as it offers long-term merits in helping developing countries become more economically developed.

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