IELTS Writing Actual Test 45 (Task 1 & 2) & Sample Answers

IELTS Writing Actual Test in August 2017 & Sample Answers

SAMPLE Band 8.0+

The diagram illustrates the overview of the recycling process of used bottles. It is clear that there are three distinct stages in this process, from bottle collection to the delivery of new ones to customers.

At the beginning of the process, bottles with different shapes and colors are gathered at the collection point. These containers are then transported to a plant in which they will be washed by high pressurized water. After that, these clean bottles will be sorted according to their colors which are brown, green or clear.

These sorted bottles will be brought to a recycling plant where they will be put in a furnace to produce molten recycled glass. At the following stage, this liquid will be mixed with new liquid glass. This mixture can be shaped in a tool called mould to make new bottles. Finally, these end products are delivered to supermarkets to serve customers.

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