Intakes in Canada 2024-25: Deadlines, Process and Universities

Intakes in Canada 2024-25: Deadlines, Process and Universities
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many intakes does Canada have?

Canada has three major intakes for university admissions: Fall (September), Winter (January), and Summer (May). The Summer intake is the least popular one among international students.

Which month is best for intake in Canada?

The Fall intake in Canada which begins in September is generally considered the best as it offers the most courses, programs, and scholarship opportunities. It is certainly the most preferred intake for Indian students.

When should I apply for 2024 intake in Canada?

For the 2024 intake in Canada, it's essential to start your application process about a year in advance. Specifically, for the Fall intake (September 2024), apply between August 2023 and January 2024. For the Winter intake (January 2024), submit your application between March 2023 and September 2023. Lastly, for the Summer intake (May 2024), aim to apply between August 2023 and December 2023. Starting early ensures you meet all deadlines and increases your chances of securing admission and scholarships.

What is fall vs Winter intake in Canada?

The Fall intake (September) in Canada is the primary intake with the most course offerings and scholarship opportunities, whereas the Winter intake (January) offers fewer courses and scholarships, catering to students who missed the Fall intake.

Can I apply in May for September intake?

Applying in May for the September intake is usually too late. It's recommended to apply between December and March for the Fall intake to ensure you meet deadlines and have a better chance of securing admission and scholarships.

When to give IELTS exam for September 2024 intake?

For the September 2024 intake, you should take the IELTS exam by November 2023 to ensure your results are ready in time for your application submissions starting December 2023.

What are the most popular Canada intakes for MBA?

The Fall (September) and Winter (January) intakes are the most popular for MBA programs in Canada, with the Fall intake offering the widest range of programs.

Can I change my intake after being admitted to a Canadian university or college?

Yes, you can request to change your intake after being admitted to a Canadian university or college, but it is subject to the university’s policies and the availability of the desired program in the new intake.

Can I defer my admission to a future intake in Canada?

Yes, you can defer my admission to a future intake in Canada. Many Canadian universities allow the same, for which you will need to check the specific deferral policies of the university to which you have been admitted.

Which universities offer Spring intake in Canada?

While not as widely available as the Fall or Winter intakes, some universities and colleges do offer the Spring intake for specific programs. Examples include Centennial College, Vancouver Community College, Ryerson University, Northern College, and the University of Waterloo.

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