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PTE Listening- Format

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the PTE Listening section?

The Listening section is the last segment of the PTE Academic test. The initial duration of the PTE Listening section used to be 45-57 minutes. Since the implementation of the new test format from November 16, 2021, the duration has been reduced to 30-43 minutes.

How many times can we hear the recordings in the PTE Listening section?

Candidates will hear an audio recording relevant to the question they are answering during PTE Listening. The audio recordings will only be played once for every question. Therefore, candidates must listen carefully to the recording as these recordings cannot be replayed.

How is PTE Listening scored?

The PTE Listening section primarily tests an individual’s listening skills. Since the PTE is an integrated skills test, more than one communicative skill can be assessed with a particular question type. The scoring system of the PTE Listening varies for different task types. The overall score for this section is determined by a candidate’s performance in all 8 task types of PTE Listening.

What are the tasks included in the PTE Listening section?

The PTE Listening consists of 8 different types of questions. Every question type assesses an individual’s listening skills through a different approach. The task types included in the PTE Listening are Summarize Spoken Test, Multiple-Choice Multiple Answers, Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Multiple-Choice Single Answer, Select Missing Word, Highlight Incorrect Word and Write from Dictation.

Does the PTE Listening section have negative marking?

Unlike the Reading section, the Listening section of the PTE test does not involve negative marking. However, partial credit scoring applies to some question types in this section, like Multiple Choice Multiple Answers. Candidates will receive the maximum score if all their responses are correct for a task. If one or more responses are incorrect, partial credit scoring applies.

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