PTE Exam Pattern 2023- Speaking, Writing and Reading

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PTE Exam Pattern 2023- Speaking, Writing and Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sections are there in the PTE exam?

There are three sections of the PTE Academic exam. The first segment of the PTE exam is a combined Speaking and Writing section and candidates have 54-67 minutes to complete this section. The next segment of the PTE exam is the Reading section and it lasts for 29-30 minutes. The final segment of the exam is the Listening section and the duration of this section is 30-43 minutes.

How many questions types are in each section of PTE?

The PTE exam evaluates various aspects of an individual’s English abilities. The number of question types included in the Speaking and Writing section of the PTE exam is seven. The Reading section consists of five different question types. The final section of the PTE exam, the Writing section, consists of eight question types.

What is the order of questions in PTE?

The PTE Academic test consists of three parts and each segment assesses one or more communicative skills of a candidate. The first segment is the Speaking and Writing section, followed by the Reading section. The final segment of the PTE exam is the Listening section.

Which is the toughest section in PTE?

The exam pattern of the PTE Academic test is similar to other English language proficiency tests like IELTS, with some unique alternations that make it slightly different. The section which a candidate might find the toughest is dependent on several factors like their preparation, their strongest and weakest communicative skill, etc. However, according to popular opinion, candidates find the Reading section of the PTE exam to be the most difficult. Some candidates also find the Writing section questions quite challenging.

What is the new pattern of the PTE exam?

Since November 16, 2021, the PTE Academic has introduced significant changes in its examination pattern. These changes were made to make the test more user-friendly and help candidates have a better examination experience. There has been a reduction in the duration of all three parts of the exam and the number of questions for various question types. This helped reduce the overall testing time from 3 hours to approximately 2 hours. The Optional Scheduled Break has also been removed

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