PTE Exam Dates 2022 – City Wise PTE Exam Dates

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PTE Exam Dates 2022 – City Wise PTE Exam Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the PTE exam date?

Yes, a candidate can change their booked slot or date for the PTE exam. Rescheduling or cancellation of the PTE exam is allowed free of charge if done 14 days prior to the exam date. Cancellation or rescheduling charges must be paid if done with less than 14 days remaining for the PTE exam

How many days before we can reschedule the PTE exam?

The PTE exam can be rescheduled free of charge if done at least 14 days before the test. If rescheduling is done with 13-8 days remaining for the test, 50% of the initially paid exam fee will be charged. The entire examination fee will be deducted, and the candidate will have to pay the entire original exam fee if rescheduling is done with seven days or less remaining for the exam.

What if I missed my PTE exam?

If a candidate is unable to attend the PTE exam at the test centre on the scheduled day, Pearson may allow a reschedule of the test free of charge at their discretion. A candidate does not have an automatic right to reschedule if they cannot attend the exam for medical or family reasons. Candidates will have to fill out a “Request Emergency reschedule” form within 14 full calendar days of the scheduled date of the test, along with proper evidence that will be reviewed

How many times can you reschedule the PTE exam?

When a candidate misses the PTE exam for medical and family reasons, it can only be rescheduled once. Candidates do not have the automatic right to reschedule the exam, and the right of rescheduling is at the discretion of Pearson. If rescheduling is done with less than 14 calendar days remaining for the exam, relevant cancellation fees might be levied on the candidate and there will be no refund.

When and how many times is the PTE exam held in a year?

The PTE exam is held multiple times throughout the year and candidates can book any slot they are comfortable with beforehand. The PTE exam can be given at any test centre available and is closest to the candidate. There are PTE test centres across India, including in cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Chennai and many others.

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