Synonym & Antonym For Academic Words In IELTS Writing With Answers ( Part 2)


Antonyms have an integral part in the IELTS exam and these are the words that have the opposite meaning for the particular word which is given. The test takers who are planning to go abroad for higher studies or for the work purpose must have good knowledge of vocabulary and antonym also is a part of the vocabulary and you need to know the meaning of certain difficult words that you mention while taking the exam.

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Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided?

a. reducea. hostilea. group
b. needb. biasedb. peak
c. advancec. dislikec. select
d. wantd. worriedd. marry
a. friendlya. cleara. round
b. covertb. dimb. unimportant
c. hiddenc. brittlec. thin
d. overtd. cleverd. dull
a. lovinga. borrowa. ungrateful
b. insincereb. shallowb. silent
c. unhealthyc. lowc. show
d. humorousd. contemptd. inability
a. strangea. acrida. free
b. uneasyb. pungentb. augment
c. quickc. fragrantc. provoke
d. fastd. deliciousd. wane
a. bashfula. besmircha. lack
b. boisterousb. confuseb. poverty
c. noisyc. confinec. abundance
d. heatedd. condemnd. foreign
a. attenda. valuea. tired
b. regretb. gullyb. arrogant
c. despairc. smoothc. pointy
d. loathed. soothed. ruddy
a. shortena. novicea. determined
b. extendb. intellectualb. placid
c. stressc. piousc. reasonable
d. easyd. debutanted. pliant
a. smothera. worsta. ingratitude
b. detestb. apexb. condemn
c. enemyc. nadirc. dissatisfaction
d. discouraged. pastd. master
a. kinda. irrelevanta. unimportant
b. generousb. indifferentb. relevant
c. thoughtfulc. impartialc. serious
d. copiousd. improvidentd. meek
a. cautiousa. lackadaisicala. paternal
b. fortunateb. activeb. crepuscular
c. provenc. dullc. crepuscular
d. intelligentd. prescientd. marsupial
a. embracea. cheerfula. wealthy
b. crudeb. sincereb. cautious
c. boisterousc. inelegantc. hungry
d. falterd. homespund. tardy
a. craftya. hunched
b. frugalb. strong
c. sensiblec. simple
d. inaned. simian

Answer Key

  1. c. to withdraw means to remove or retreat; to advance is the opposite of retreat
  2. d. secret means hidden or covert; overt means open to view
  3. b. heartfelt means expressing a genuine feeling, or sincere, so insincere is its opposite
  4. b. impartial means to be without prejudice or bias, therefore biased is the opposite
  5. b. luminous means radiating or reflecting light, or glowing; dim means dark or dull
  6. d. awe means a sense of deep respect or veneration; contempt means a lack of respect or disdain
  7. b. a pit is a hole and a peak is the top of a hill or mountain
  8. c. rotund means rounded or plump, therefore thin is the opposite
  9. d. a talent is a special creative or artistic ability, therefore inability is the opposite
  10. a. common means ordinary or familiar; strange means unfamiliar
  11. a. brazen means to be defiant or insolent; bashful means to be shy or timid
  12. c. to expect is to wait for or to look forward to; to despair is to lose all hope
  13. c. malodorous means to have a bad smell; fragrant means smelling sweet or delicate
  14. b. to expound means to explain; to confuse, or confound, is the opposite of expounding
  15. d. to pique means to excite or irritate; to soothe means to calm
  16. b. to abate means to reduce in degree or intensity; to augment means to increase
  17. c. dearth means an inadequate supply or lack of something; abundance means an ample quantity, or wealth
  18. d. to be peaked is to appear pale or wan; to be ruddy is to have a healthy, red complexion
  19. b. to abridge means to shorten and to extend means to lengthen
  20. a. to kindle means to start burning or ignite; to smother means to stifle or suppress
  21. d. meager means lacking in quality or quantity; copious means present in large quantity, or abundant
  22. b. philistine is used disparagingly to describe a person guided by material rather than intellectual values; an intellectual is a person who engages in the creative use of his or her intellect
  23. a. zenith means the highest point or the apex; nadir means the lowest point
  24. a. germane means to be appropriate or relevant, therefore irrelevant is the opposite
  25. b. irascible means easily angered; placid means calm or serene
  26. b. to approbate means to approve or sanction; to condemn means to declare wrong or to convict
  27. d. supercilious means coolly or patronizingly haughty; meek means enduring injury with patience and without resentment
  28. a. improvident means lacking prudent foresight, or careless; cautious means to be wary or to exercise forethought
  29. a. to demur means to delay or hesitate; to embrace means to accept readily or gladly; demure means coy
  30. c. fatuous means inanely foolish; sensible is its nearest opposite
  31. b. quiescent means marked by inactivity or repose, therefore active is the opposite
  32. a. sartorial means of or relating to tailored clothes; homespun means homemade
  33. c. sapient means possessing great wisdom, or sage; one meaning of simple is deficient in intelligence
  34. b. matutinal means of or relating to the morning; crepuscular means relating to or resembling twilight
  35. a. impecunious means having little or no money, therefore wealthy is the opposite

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