Two-Word Prepositions to Score Band 7.0+ in IELTS Writing & Speaking (Part 3) - ielts preposition for ielts speaking and writing part 3 - ielts preposition for ielts speaking and writing part 3

Let’s gear yourself up for the IELTS Writing & Speaking with “academic” prepositions that are not so frequently used but suitable for academic writing and speaking. Learning these prepositions and making use of them in IELTS writing & speaking will help you boost your IELTS score as well as contributing to your academic pursuit.

According to

  1. As stated or reported by somebody/something

Example : You have been absent six times according to our records.

  1. Following, agreeing with or depending on something

Example : The salary will be fixed according to qualifications and experience.

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Ahead of

  1. Further forward in space or time than somebody/something; in front of

Example : Ahead of us lay ten days of intensive training.

  1. Earlier than

Example : I finished several days ahead of the deadline.

  1. Further advanced than somebody/something, e.g. in a race or competition

Example : She was always well ahead of the rest of the class.

Apart from/Aside from

See Except

As for

Alternative to Regarding

Owing to

Because of

Example : The game was cancelled owing to torrential rain.

Prior to 

Before something

Example : During the week prior to the meeting

Regardless of

Paying no attention to something/somebody; treating something/somebody as not being important

Example : The amount will be paid to everyone regardless of whether they have children or not.

Subsequent to

After, following

Example : There have been further developments subsequent to our meeting.

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