English Pronunciation in Use (Intermediate Edition)

English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate
English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate

English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate by Mark Hancock

The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or classroom work.

Sixty easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in range of accents, available on audio CD or cassette. An additional reference section offers a glossary of specialized terms, help with the pronunciation of numbers and geographical names and fun exercises on phonemic symbols and minimal pairs. The CD-ROM provides a wide variety of additional interactive activities to reinforce the pronunciation covered in the book, as well as tests, progress checks, games and animated diagrams of the mouth showing learners how to produce individual sounds. Students can also record themselves and compare their pronunciation with one of the many models provided.

Key features

  • 60 easy-to-use units: key pronunciation points are presented on left-hand pages with a range of exercises on facing right-hand pages.
  • Audio material offers a clear model for learners to listen, repeat and practise their own pronunciation.
  • Self-diagnostic tests help learners identify and focus on their own pronunciation problems.
  • Additional reference section includes a learner-friendly answer key, fun exercises to practise phonemic symbols, a guide for speakers of specific languages, exercises on minimal pairs and a glossary of specialized terms.


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English Pronunciation in Use (Intermediate Edition)
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Helpfull Reviews

By Shu Ping
Southern British accent. I don't know why so many bookstores carry Grammar in Use and Vocabulary in Use but not Pronunciation in Use, since it's just as good or better. And I would consider pronunciation more important than grammar or vocabulary.

There's a lot of fun included with the instruction. Try this: "Where are the pears?" "Bears?!!! Did you say bears?" "No, pears. You know, fruit!" "Oh, I see. Pears with a P! They're in the pack." "What? In the back of the truck?" "No, in the pack. You know, with a P" "Oh, I see. Pack with a P! Would you like one?" "No, I'll have a peach, please." "A beach?" Or this: "There was a young waiter named Dwight, Who didn't like being polite. If you asked him for food, He was terrible rude, and invited you out for a fight."
From the author about minimum pairs: "The units in Section A are not presented as minimal pairs. Vowels are paired according to their spelling, not their potential for being confused with one another. Consonants are paired mainly where they share the same place of articulation. The units were not organized as minimal pairs for two reasons: - Any sound can form a minimal pair with a number of other sounds, not just one. Organising units according to minimal pairs would therefore lead to a huge number of units and a lot of duplication. - Many minimal pairs will be redundant for any given learner, so learners need to be selective. Potentially confusing minimal pairs are gathered together in Section D4, Sound Pairs. Learners are encouraged to select from these according to their own needs."
The appendix includes a list of useful and dispensable units for 26 languages.
For extensive minimum pair work, see Pronunciation Contrasts in English, by Don and Alleen Nilsen, Waveland Press.

By S. Smith
This is a well laid-out, modern and well-illustrated guide to English pronunciation. Although it is principally designed for self-study, I have used it in teaching Intermediate level ESOL classes and find it useful and well liked by students.

The book is readable (which is helped by the illustrations) and limits the amount of technical terms it uses. It has three sections dealing with the sounds of individual letters, of syllables, words and sentences and in conversation, and a fourth reference section which includes a useful pronunciation test and a guide for speakers of a variety of other languages. It is not purely about speaking to native English speakers but also about listening to them and also has something on the variations in pronunciation between English speakers and speakers of other languages.

On the whole, it is a very useful book, probably more useful at the lower end of Intermediate English than more advanced students. Some students found certain exercises involving nonsense dialogues to differentiate different letter sounds confusing, but were otherwise happy with the book's combination of explanation and exercises.

By jesus
Sorry but I can not recommend to buy this book for an intermediate user. My apologies to the writer. I bought that book for my girlfriend. However, at the end she prefers the one for American accent. Even though she does not like American accent. I do not know maybe is the structure of the book among other things
It is a basic book for elemental users. You can find all that the book cover in internet without effort and with more examples and phonetic symbols. For being a intermediate book, in my opinion it lacks of liaison lessons and also reading parts.
It can be recommend in any case for a novel learner or somebody that have studied only grammar in the school.

By Queennguyen
Its a good material for improving English pronunciation for students. I like it.

User Rating: 4.8 (4 votes)

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