Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use Advanced with Answers (Ebook) english vocabulary in use with answer CD ROM PDF english vocabulary in use with answer CD ROM PDF

Free Download English Vocabulary in Use: Advanced (Ebook) including over 2,000 new words and expressions which are presented and practised in typical contexts appropriate to this level.

The perfect choice for advanced-level students wanting to build their vocabulary skills, vocabulary is clearly presented and contextualised on left-hand pages with practice activities on facing right-hand pages. The accompanying CD-ROM provides interesting and enjoyable exercises to further challenge the learner, as well as extra listening practice and help with pronunciation. The book is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure that the vocabulary selected is useful and up to date. A test book is also available for extra practice. Ideal for self-study or classroom use.

Aims of this book

The aim of this book is to help you, as an advanced learner of English, to extend and improve your vocabulary by:

  • increasing the number of words that you know.
  • helping you to use language in a more natural, more accurate way.
  • improving your knowledge and active use of collocation.
  • presenting additional meanings or metaphorical uses of words you may already know.

Using the book

Do the first eight units, i-viii, before you start on any other units.

Then do not just work through the book from the first to the last page – choose the units you need most or that appeal to you most and do them first.

When you are working on any of Units 1 to 100:

  • read the left-hand page.
  • attempt the exercises on the right-hand page.
  • check your answers in the key.

When checking your answers in the key, you will find that sometimes it contains extra useful information about the area of language you are working on. So, read it carefully and make notes of any interesting language that you learn from it.

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You will learn most effectively if you revise the units  you study:

  • a week after you first worked on the unit.
  • again after a month.


You will also be able to gain much more from the language presented in this book if you follow up words that especially interest you in a good learner’s dictionary (see Unit iii). By doing this, you can extend your vocabulary still further.

You may find, for example:

  • other useful collocations.
  • other meanings for the words you look up.
  • other words based on the same root.

Personalising words

Research studies show that we remember new words much more easily if we think about them concerning our own experience and use them in a context that is meaningful to us as individuals. So, as well as doing the exercises here, write any new words or phrases that you particularly wish to learn in a context that has some personal meaning for you. You could, for example, use the language you wish to learn in a sentence about an experience you have had personally, or about a story you have read in a newspaper or magazine, or about a film or TV programme, you have watched.

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