Describe a piece of good news you heard (from TV or the Internet) – Band 9 Part 2 Sample with Audio

Band 9 Part 2 Sample With Audio Describe A Piece Of Good News You Heard (From TV Or The Internet)

Describe a piece of good news you heard (from TV or the Internet)

You should say:

– what the news was about

– when you got this news

– where you got this news from

– and why you think it was good news

Model Answer

In a world where negative news seems to take front and center, I’m really pleased to tell you about a positive news article I came across (saw without looking for it) the other day. I was looking up some highlights from 2018 online, and stumbled across some information about how France is becoming a leader in curbing (stopping) food waste. Let me tell you about the actions they are taking.


The article talked about how France has banned supermarkets from throwing away leftover food that is either edible (can be eaten) or usable as animal feed. Moreover, they have made laws to demand that restaurants donate their food waste. If they don’t comply to this law, they will be faced with a fine from 3,500-75,000 euros, or even up to 2 years in prison. There were some people who were skeptical (suspicious; unsure about) of these laws, but they commented at the end of the article that supermarkets and restaurants have since changed their practices in general, and are becoming much more environmentally-friendly.

I was really moved to read this article. It reminded me of when I read years ago that we could solve world hunger with the amount of food we waste. Since global food waste is a colossal (huge) problem, it’s excellent to know that some action is being taken against this world issue. Although the laws could be seen as excessive, I think that this  is an effective way to enforce them. Unfortunately, often times it takes new laws and threatens of fines or jail time to make people change. After reading this, I hope that more countries follow in France’s footsteps.

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