Canada PR Points: Eligibility, CRS Points Calculation, and Express Entry System

Canada PR  Points: Eligibility, CRS Points Calculation, and Express Entry System
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are 67 points sufficient for the Express Entry program?

In order to be qualified for the Express Entry 1200 CRS point grid, a candidate must score 67 out of 100 points under the FSWP or FSTP program. Any score of more than 67 is considered good.

Are 67 points required for the CEC program?

The 67 point grid is only for applicants applying to the FSTP and FSWP programs, not the CEC. Applicants for the CEC program must achieve the minimum required score out of 1200 points only.

Is a score of 67 necessary for all program applicants?

No, 67 point system is for Express Entry applicants alone. Other visa candidates must adhere to their own set of program requirements. Only applicants who are applying for either the FSTP or the FSWP program must meet the 67 point criteria.

How can you improve your points score?

Applicants are scored based on factors such as age, educational qualification, work experience, English/French Skills, adaptability and job offer. If you wish to improve your score, look for methods to enhance any of the criteria listed above. For example, enhance your CLB/NCLC score to improve your English or French level skill scores.

How to calculate your FSWP/FSTP score?

Calculating your score is easy. For each application criteria, there are requirements mentioned. Hence, you must check the points allotted for each section. After that, you must calculate the points you will obtain under each category to know your score.

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