How to Answer IELTS Speaking Part 3 ?


In the previous articles the writer has provided you with the strategies, sample questions and answers for IELTS Speaking Part 1, and Part 2. This post will help you be well-prepared for Part 3, the last but not least important part in the IELTS speaking test.

How to Answer Part 3 of the Speaking Test

Part 3 of the Speaking Test is where you are asked follow up questions on the topic which you spoke about in you talk in Part 2 of the Speaking Test The scheduled time allowed for Part 3 is 4-5 minutes, so you should allow yourself 40 seconds for answering each question.

There are two questions, each with 3 sub questions to answer. If you take 4 minutes answering Question 1 and the sub questions, then you will not be asked any of the questions on Question 2. The Examiner will keep as close as possible to the four minutes and it is up to the candidate how much time to allow for answering each question.
Tip: The questions are based upon the topic question in part two, but not your talk given in part two. This is important to remember. So if the topic for part two was about popular styles of food, and you gave a talk on Italian food, the questions in part three will be about all kinds of food – not just Italian food.

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The timetable and questions for Part 3 could look like this : speaking part 3 to answer ielts speaking part 3 to get band 8

Below is an example of what the answers could look like : -ielts speaking part 3 to answer ielts speaking part 2 to get band 8 to answer ielts speaking part 3 to get band 8

Avoiding Mistakes in Part 3 of the Speaking Test

Part 3 is where your level of English really determines what score you will come out with at the end of the Speaking Test.

Additionally there are two key things to avoid doing in the Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Test. These are:

  1. Not speaking
  2. Not trying to answer the question.

Tip: Remember to always listen for the key words in the questions. If you have the key words then you can use one of your prepared answers to help you effectively answer the question.

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