How to Write An Informal Letter

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How to Write An Informal Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an informal letter?

Informal letters are personal letters written to update friends and family about happenings in a person's life while also expressing gratitude. An informal letter is not intended for official purposes as the language is informal and personal.

What is the distinction between a formal and informal letter?

An informal letter is a non-official letter that can be written to anyone; however, a formal letter is written in a professional manner, where the test-taker directly states the letter's intent.

Give some examples for informal letters

Some examples of informal letters are inviting a friend for a ceremony like a birthday or a marriage, calling a friend for a trip or holiday, apologizing to someone for mistakes, congratulating a friend for his success or achievement, writing just to ask for the well-being of a person, and asking help from someone.

What is the format of an informal letter?

The format of an informal letter includes the address, date, greetings, introduction, body, conclusion, and signature

What are the features of an informal letter?

The features of informal letter writing are that the test-taker can include casual language, friendly tone, no proper format, and it can be written on any topic.

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