Describe an ideal house you want to live in – IELTS Band 8 Sample

IELTS Band 8 Sample Describe An Ideal House

Describe an ideal house/ Describe a perfect house you saw. You should say:

  • when and where you saw it;
  • what it looked like;
  • what special features it had;
  • and explain why you liked it.

Model Answer

So I have been living in a 4-storey house for the last twenty years. Although it seemed fine at first but as time went by I gradually realised that there are many things about this house that I don’t like. For example, the stair is so steep that I’m almost always out of breath when I reach my room on the third floor. I want to move to somewhere else.

I have to say I prefer a high-rise flat to a house. This is mainly because the air there is fresher and there are fewer mosquitos, which are a terrible nuisance by the way. My ideal flat would be on the 20th floor or so, overlooking the whole neighbourhood. It would have a spacious living room, a fully-fitted kitchen, three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The living room would need to be large enough to accommodate about 30 people, because I often invite friends over or throw small parties. I would like my sofa to be comfy and big enough to lie in and sleep. The walls have to be sound-proof as I can’t deal with noise; I must have a quiet environment to work or relax.


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