New IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics (January – April 2019)

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics in 2019
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics in 2019

1. Study/ Work
2. Accommodation
3. Hometown


  1.    What natural sound(s) do you like (the most)? (Why?)
  2.    What sounds do you dislike? (Why?)
  3.    What sounds remind you of your childhood?
  4.    What (kinds of) music do you like the most?
  5.    Does your school have any quiet places for studying?
  6.    What are some places where there is a lot of noise?
  7.    Do you mind noises? (Do any noises bother you?)
  8.    What type of noise do you come across in your daily life?


  1.    Do you like science?
  2.    What science have you studied?
  3.    How do you study science?
  4.    What’s the most difficult part of studying science?
  5.    How has the science that you have studied helped you?


  1.    Is there anything being polluted in your hometown?
  2.    What are the common types of pollutions in the countryside?
  3.    What are the causes of those pollutions?
  4.    Have you ever done anything to help the environment?


   1.  How long can you remember your dream when you wake up?
   2. Do you like hearing others dream?
   3. Do you think dream will affect life?
   4. Do you often have dream at night?
   5. Have you had a bad dream before?
   6. What was the strangest dream you have had?
   7. What do you usually dream about?


  1.    When was the last time you were alone?
  2.    What do you like to do when you are alone?
  3.    Do you wish to have more time alone?
  4.    Is it important to have some time alone?


  1.    Do you prefer to study in the morning or in the evening?
  2.    Why do some people find it difficult to focus in the morning?
  3.    What do you do to improve your efficiency?

Street markets

  1.    Do you currently live in a house or a flat/ apartment?
  2.    Are street markets common in your country?
  3.    What is usually sold there?
  4.    Do you think people like street markets? Why?

What is your favorite festival?
How do you celebrate the festival?
What is the most popular festival in your country?
Do you like western festivals?
Where do people usually go during festivals?

Tea or coffee
What do you prefer, tea or coffee?
What do you usually prepare for your guests, tea or coffee?
When was the last time you drank coffee or tea?

Film star
Who is your favorite film star?
Do you think that international film star is famous in your country?
Do you like local film star or international film star?

Concerts or music
Do you often listen to music?
When do you listen to music?
Have you ever been to concerts?

Do you have patience?
Have you ever lost patience?
When do you need patience the most?

Do you like to watch the sky?
What is the sky like at night in your hometown?
Do you like to watch stars?
Have you ever taken a course about stars?
What’s your favorite star?

Where do you run?
How often do you run?
Is running a good exercise?
Do you run more now than you did you in the past?

What do you like to share?
What kinds of things that are not suitable for sharing?

How often do you go to cinema?
Did you go to cinema in your childhood?

Animal (Pets)

Crowded place




Old topics:
19. Email/Handwriting
20. Friends
21. Seasons
22. Colour
23. Sleep
24. Holiday
25. Shoes
26. Drinking water
27. Sports
28. Morning routine
29. Parks/ Gardens
30. Cooking
31. Transportation
32. Drawing/ Paintings
33. Sunglasses
34. Photos
35. Neighbor
36. Science


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New IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics (January – April 2019)
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