IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample: An occasion when vehicle broke down

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample An Occasion When Vehicle Broke Down

Describe an occasion when the vehicle you took broke down during your travel/ Describe a time the vehicle you were travelling in broke down

You should say:

  • where you were going;
  • who you were with;
  • how long it took to fix the vehicle;
  • and explain how you felt about it.

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Model Answer

This actually happened the last time I took the IELTS test. It started at 8 in the morning so naturally I had to get up at 6. When I got out of the house it was still dark outside.


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The test was going to take place at a hotel, which is only 20 minutes from my home. So actually if everything’d gone according to plan, I’d have had an hour or so to relax or revise. But unfortunately, it didn’t.

After riding for about 5 minutes, my bike started to make weird noises, then the whole engine began shaking violently. I hurriedly shut the engine, getting off the bike to examine it. But I was no mechanic. And as I suspected, the engine wouldn’t start again.

So I had to drag it along the street, looking for a repair shop. Luckily it didn’t take me long to find one, and the repairman only needed 10 minutes to fix my bike. It wasn’t a happy experience but at least I wasn’t late for the test.

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