IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions & Answers – Topic: Living Seperately


Check out some questions and sample answers about young people living separately from their parents.

  1. Why do young people want to live separately?

I think living separately has some benefits. Youngsters  will learn how to (1) appreciate the time and  (2) manage their own life. On the one hand, they learn how to split the time between working, studying and time for themshelves. On  the other hand, for those who leave their parents for work, they would (3) reduce the burden on their parents. They can (4) sustain their own lives and no need to depend on anyone


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  1. What is the difference between living alone and living in a group?

I guess the first difference is more (1) privacy when living alone. We don’t have to care about what roommates think when we (2)mess up the room or party all night. However, life is more (3) tedious and dreary when people do things alone. Living with friends enables people to have less burden on money and make life easier. Also, people can have(4) lifelong friends by living together. Those are the benefits that make living in a group ideally

  1. What are the benefits of living alone?

Well, for me , living alone allows people to  (1) enjoy their company to the fullest. They can invite friends to come over and have fun without bothering anyone. Besides, people can concentrate better when they live alone. Their roommates may (2) throw a party and whether they like it or not, they would be (3) distracted   by the noise so work  would be less productive . The last thing is  living alone helps people handle daily lives as independent people. They will find themselves (4) in control of everything and be more mature

  1. What skills are needed to live alone?

From my point of view, there are some basic skills needed to live alone. The first thing is cooking. Many people don’t know how to cook and often have fast food. This isn’t only harmful to  their health but also (1) consumes lots of money. Also, I recommend  people (2) stay on top of bills because they may(3)  end up in debt without watching their money. They should (4)set money aside for emergencies too. Last but not least, learning to balance schedule. It is important to learn how to (5)do multiple things in a day. They need to be flexible and willing to schedule time for activities, work, and social engagements.

  1. What are problems when living separately?

I see the biggest problem is living separately (1)  isolates people . It creates space among family members and may be the (2) root of conflicts later on.  Besides, safety is not guaranteed and (3) undesireable things like robbers can come up any time. People need someone to (4)side by side to protect and feel protected when they live alone

  1. When can people live separately?

In my opinion, people should only live separately once they are economically independent. It shows that they are mature enough and can sustain their own lives.

  1. Why do some people like living with small family?

I suppose living in a big family brings  more (1) tension and even fights amongst family members . Besides, the more people live together, the less privacy they have.If they stay with others all the time, there will be less time for them to enjoy their own company

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