IELTS Speaking Test with Model Answers and Audio – Jan 2019

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IELTS Speaking Test with Model Answers and Audio – Jan 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I improve my band score in the Speaking test by learning synonyms of various words?

Definitely, yes. But you should be careful that you use them in the right context. Out of two words having the same meaning, one word may fit into a sentence whereas the other may not. Example: Start(informal) and Commence(formal)

Can you tell me words which can be used interchangeably?

Example : Goal/target/aim, huge/enormous.

How do I answer the question: “Is online information reliable”?

Sample answer: The user is responsible for verifying the authenticity of the site. You cannot trust content on the internet blindly.

How do I answer the question: “Do you think there is too much information available online”?

Sample answer: Yes. There is too much content available for every topic under the sun.

How do I answer the question: “What are some other ways of searching for information”?

Sample answer: Newspapers, books and magazines are other good sources from which one can gather information.

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