IELTS Speaking Test in Nigeria in 2018 & Sample Answers

IELTS Speaking Test In Nigeria In 2018 & Sample Answers (1)

Part 1

What is your name?

Where do you come from?

How long have you lived there?

What do you like most about your hometown?

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Part 2

Describe a good service you received from a shop or company

Where it is

When you received the service

What the service was

Explain why you liked the service

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Part 3

Do you still patronise this shop? Would you recommend it to others?

Do you think the size of a company determines the quality of service ?

Do you think that the price of a product is as important as the service you receive when you buy it?

Do you think what matters most to consumers when they buy something?

Do you think consumers can influence a company’s policy on their service or product?

Do you think that the company can benefit from consumer’s suggestions?

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