Ingenious – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking & Writing

WOTD ingenious
WOTD - ingenious

Ingenious – Word of the Day for IELTS Speaking & Writing

Ingenious /ɪnˈdʒiːniəs/ (a)

Definition :

  1. (of an object, a plan, an idea, etc.) very suitable for a particular purpose and resulting from clever new ideas
  2. (of a person) having a lot of clever new ideas and good at inventing things

Synonyms : clever, skillful, resourceful | inventive, creative

Antonyms : unoriginal, uninventive, unimaginative, uncreative

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Examples :

  • The boy is remarkably ingenious when it comes to math and his tutor has had a hard time giving him more challenging homework.
  • It is very ingenious of her to come up with such a highly applicable and effective way to minimize the cost as well as manual labor.
  • The local restaurant at the end of Highland street is most recognized by its signature menu and authentic Italian cuisine. Everything is personally prepared and overlooked by its ingenious chef, who also happens to be the owner.
  • The movie has won an Academic Award for its ingenious screenplay and an all-star, talented cast.
  • “Big Bang Theory” is an ingenious comedy TV series about the life of four highly intelligent, hilarious but socially awkward Even though audience might be a little overwhelmed with some scientific terminologies at the beginning, the show will eventually win you over with many eccentric, yet laugh-out-loud situations.

Remarkably (adv): in a way that is unusual or surprising and causes people to take notice

Challenging (a): difficult in an interesting way that tests your ability

Come up with (phrasal verb): produce (something), especially when pressured or challenged

Applicable (a): that can be said to be true in the case of somebody/something; relevant or appropriate

Manual labor: physical work done by people

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Be recognized: to be thought of as very good or important by people in general

Signature (a): a particular quality that makes something different from other similar things and makes it easy to recognize

Authentic (a): made to be exactly the same as the original

Overlook (v): look over, inspect

All-star (a): including many famous actors, players, etc.

Hilarious (a): extremely funny

Socially awkward: feeling uncomfortable in social situations

Terminology (n): the set of technical words or expressions used in a particular subject

Overwhelm (v): to have such a strong emotional effect on somebody that it is difficult for them to resist or know how to react

Win sth/ so over: to succeed in getting someone’s support or agreement, esp. when the person was previously opposed to you

Eccentric (a): considered by other people to be strange or unusual

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