Study Abroad Without IELTS in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia. New zealand

Study abroad without ielts

The first thing that strikes your mind when studying abroad are the language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. Many non-native speakers find it difficult to qualify with the desired scores needed for their educational pursuits. Despite being good at their English, many students struggle to reach the desired band. Some of them take many attempts to achieve the desired scores.

But there is some good news in store for all of you. Yes! You guessed it right! There are some Universities abroad which do admit candidates without these language proficiency tests. Only English language scores at school level are considered for granting admission. All that is required is a bit of research into the requirements of various universities.

There are Universities in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia. New Zealand which offer admissions without language proficiency tests. Instead students have to undergo a pathway program which usually lasts one academic year.

All about Pathway program:

Pathway programs are beneficial for international students wishing to study in the US, but don’t have the required scores in the English language standardized tests.

A pathway program enables international aspirants who want to study in the US to take English as a second language (ESL) course along with courses that will count as credits toward their degree. These programs are for a period of 1 year to 15 months and offer “conditional acceptance” to the college or university they are affiliated with. This means that students who manage to complete the program with good English language scores and GPA are absorbed into the affiliate school.

Study in the UK without IELTS

The minimum requirement for studying in the UK without IELTS: 

  • Candidates must have scored 70% or more in the twelfth grade.
  • Possess good communication skills- oral and written
  • Certified by their last educational institution that their medium of the study was English

Universities in the UK which offer admissions without IELTS :

  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Birmingham City University
  • University of Warwick
  • Brunel University
  • The University of Lincoln
  • Bangor University
  • Robert Gordon University

Study in Canada without IELTS

Minimum requirement for studying in Canada without IELTS:

  • Lived and attended a school (in the last four years) where English is the medium of instruction.
  • Native of an English-speaking nation.
  • Attended the university’s language school for a semester or for a year.

Universities in Canada which offer admissions without IELTS :

  • University of Winnipeg
  • Concordia University
  • Brock University
  • Memorial University
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Cambrian College
  • University of Regina
  • Carleton University
  • Seneca College, Toronto
  • Okanagan College

Study in the US without IELTS

Minimum requirement for studying in the US without IELTS:

  • Should have completed one-year full-time study at any US institution.
  • Must have cleared Intensive English Language Program (IELP) [ Note: Applicable to some Universities only]
  • Undergone Pathway programs [ Note: Applicable to some Universities only]
  • Meet the criteria set by the University.

Universities in the US which offer admissions without IELTS :

  • State University of New York
  • Pace University
  • New York Institute of Technology

Study in the New Zealand without IELTS

Points to remember:

  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has granted exceptions for candidates whose first language is not English.
  • Institutions which fall under Category-I have their own system of analysing English language capacities of internal students

Minimum requirement for studying in New Zealand  without IELTS:

  • Students who have studied in an English-medium school from 8th grade to 12th grade with medium of instruction being English.
  • Undergo an interview with the New Zealand Immigration.
  • Compulsory five years of education in the grades 1 to 5 or at least three years during higher secondary.

Universities in New Zealand which offer admissions without IELTS :

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • University of Canterbury
  • Lincoln University
  • Unitec Institute of Technology

Study in Europe without IELTS

Minimum requirement for studying in Europe without IELTS:

  • Proof of prior education conducted entirely in English
  • proof of having studied English as a subject between eighth to twelfth grades.
  • Undergo telephonic or video interviews as demanded by the University.
  • Possess excellent communication skills.

Universities in Europe which offer admissions without IELTS :

Universities in France which offer postgraduate programs for those who have graduated with medium of teaching and assessment being in English:

  • American Business School, Paris
  • EBS Paris
  • PITA Graduate School of Computer Science
  • ESAIP School of Engineers
  • ESC Rennes School of Business, France
  • ESGCI, Paris
  • ESLSCA Business School
  • IESA International
  • INSEEC Business School
  • ISC Paris
  • NEOMA Business School
  • Paris School of Business
  • SKEMA Business School
  • Toulouse Business School

Universities in Germany:

  • University of Koblenz and Landau
  • Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  • Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)

Universities in Italy:

  • Polytechnic University of Milan

Universities in Belgium:

  • Ghent University

Universities in Poland:

  • Jagiellonian University

Universities in Sweden:

  • Lund University
  • Uppsala University

Universities in Ireland:

  • Maynooth University
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University of Limerick
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Nui Galway
  • Dublin City University
  • University College Dublin
  • University College Cork
  • Trinity College Dublin

Study in Australia without IELTS

Minimum requirement for studying in Australia without IELTS:

  • Completed Pearson test of English
  • Completed secondary education with one English rich discipline in one of the countries listed by the University [Note: Applicable only to University of Queensland]
  • Completed Pathway program
  • Completed the latest degree course in the English Language
  • Completed University specific programs
  • Indian students have specific requirements such as a score of 65% marks in English for minimum ELP Programs and a score of 81% marks in English for higher than minimum ELP Programs

Universities in Australia which offer admissions without IELTS :

  • University of Queensland
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of New South Wales
  • Macquarie University
  • Bond University
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoria University
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