10 Useful Expressions You May Have Missed To Get Higher Score In IELTS

10 useful expressions

Ever wonder how to express ordinary actions in an extraordinary way. These are some extremely handy phrases that will help you kick your speech and essay up the notch. Let’s dive in!

  1. whet someone’s appetite for something: make or increase someone’s interest in something

Ex: “Let’s Eat” – a Korean drama revolving around four lead characters who greatly enjoy their single lives apart from having to dine out alone – has whetted my appetite for Korean cuisine.

  1. take great pains to do something = be at pains to do something: make great effort to do something

Ex: Susan took great pains to get back into shape after having given birth to her second child.

  1. sweep someone off his/her feet: make someone suddenly fall in love with you

Ex: John’s heroic action has swept Kim off her feet after he rescued her from a car wreck.

  1. cast aspersions on someone/ something: make critical or insulting remarks about someone/ something

Ex: There is no good in casting aspersions on people when you don’t know what they have been through.

  1. shoulder the blame/ burden/ responsibility: take responsibility for something

Ex: You shouldn’t have been the one who shouldered all the blame, Kate played a huge part in it.

  1. act as a catalyst: cause something important to happen

Ex: The constant wave of disapproval among employees acted as a catalyst for positive changes in the company’s policy regarding minimum salary rate.

  1. keep/ hold … in check: take control of …

Ex: Paul was losing it after the dead of his dad. He barely held himself in check.

  1. keep someone in the loop: keep someone informed about something

Ex: We’ll keep you in the loop if there’s any update from the client.

  1. cut no ice (with someone): not impress or influence someone

Ex: His patronizing attitude cuts no ice with me

  1. beat around the bush: take too long before saying what you want to say, avoid saying things directly

Ex: You are wasting time. Stopping beating around the bush and tell me what’s wrong.

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