501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 10)

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Select the word that is closest in meaning to the word provided.

1. glare is most similar to

a. scowl

b. hide

c. display

d. summon

2. erratic is most similar to

a. enticing

b. frequent

c. difficult

d. irregular

3. civil is most similar to

a. unkind

b. trite

c. public

d. questionable

4. expertise is most similar to

a. activity

b. courage

c. mastery

d. effort

5. outlandish is most similar to

a. distant

b. absurd

c. pastoral

d. belligerent

6. pine is most similar to

a. clean

b. hate

c. resolve

d. crave

7. exploit is most similar to

a. answer

b. feat

c. accident

d. persuade

8. culmination is most similar to

a. realization

b. disaster

c. serendipity

d. persuasion

9. feign is most similar to

a. jab

b. swoon

c. pretend

d. dread

10. auspicious is most similar to

a. deceitful

b. foreboding

c. favorable

d. dangerous

11. gambit is most similar to

a. frolic

b. ploy

c. testimony

d. sentence

12. voracious is most similar to

a. ravenous

b. violent

c. voluble

d. rambunctious

13. facile is most similar to

a. ability

b. section

c. vindictive

d. glib

14. eschew is most similar to

a. revert

b. accompany

c. admire

d. abstain

15. abscond is most similar to

a. rob

b. obscure

c. flee

d. absolve

16. knack is most similar to

a. bruise

b. ability

c. keepsake

d. scoundrel

17. apropos is most similar to

a. opportune

b. unexpected

c. misspoken

d. idea

19. peer is most similar to

a. apple

b. connote

c. fellow

d. recluse

20. fiasco is most similar to

a. festival

b. disaster

c. happenstance

d. ceremony

21. chasm is most similar to

a. gorge

b. charm

c. bridle

d. criticize

22. unmitigated is most similar to

a. audacious

b. unpersuasive

c. utter

d. dense

23. epitome is most similar to

a. volume

b. essence

c. summit

d. deliverance

24. edict is most similar to

a. decree

b. vacate

c. correction

d. destiny

25. extol is most similar to

a. praise

b. tax

c. burden

d. berate

26. abeyant is most similar to

a. false

b. disgusting

c. pending

d. novice

27. knell is most similar to

a. copse

b. hill

c. toll

d. rattle

28. soporific is most similar to

a. juvenile

b. drunken

c. delightful

d. hypnotic

29. iterate is most similar to

a. unsettled

b. repeat

c. impoverish

d. announce

30. bulwark is most similar to

a. conundrum

b. festival

c. rampart

d. confuse

31. pedantic is most similar to

a. pedestrian

b. arduous

c. fickle

d. consequential

32. bumptious is most similar to

a. backward

b. arrogant

c. clumsy

d. rugged

33. expiation is most similar to

a. breathing

b. immigration

c. divergence

d. atonement

34. flagitious is most similar to

a. deliberate

b. fatiguing

c. villainous

d. habitual

35. inveigle is most similar to

a. cajole

b. complexity

c. hoodwink

d. distress

18. veritable is most similar to

a. deep

b. authentic

c. ancient

d. irascible

Answer key

  1. a. to glare means to stare angrily; to scowl means to have an angry expression
  2. d. erratic means lacking regularity, or irregular
  3. c. one meaning of civil is involving the general public
  4. c. a peer is a person belonging to the same group; a fellow is an equal in rank, or a member of the same group
  5. b. a fiasco is a complete failure, or a disaster
  6. a. a chasm is a deep split in the earth, or a gorge
  7. c. expertise and mastery both mean special skills or knowledge
  8. b. outlandish means extremely out of the ordinary; absurd means ridiculously unreasonable
  9. d. to pine means to long for, or to crave
  10. b. an exploit is a notable or heroic act; a feat is a courageous deed
  11. a. culmination means the act of reaching the highest point, or decisive action; realization means the act of bringing into concrete existence
  12. c. to feign means to assert as if true, or to pretend
  13. c. auspicious means marked by favorable signs
  14. b. one meaning of gambit is a calculated move; a ploy is a tactic
  15. a. voracious and ravenous mean having a huge appetite
  16. d. facile means easily achieved and often lacking sincerity; glib means marked by ease and lacking depth and substance
  17. d. to eschew means to avoid habitually, or to abstain
  18. c. to abscond means to depart secretly; to flee means to run away
  19. b. a knack is a special ability
  20. a. apropos means being both relevant and appropriate; opportune means occurring at an appropriate time
  21. b. veritable means not false or imagined, or authentic
  22. c. unmitigated means offering little chance of change or relief, or absolute; utter means total or absolute
  23. b. an epitome is a typical or ideal example; essence is the real or very basic nature of something
  24. a. an edict is an official proclamation; a decree is an order with the force of the law
  25. a. to extol means to praise highly
  26. c. abeyant means in a period of temporary inactivity, or pending
  27. c. to knell means to sound in an ominous manner; to toll means to sound in long measured strokes; both words are used to describe the ringing of bells
  28. d. soporific means causing sleep; hypnotic means tending to produce sleep
  29. b. to iterate means to say or do again, or to repeat
  30. c. a bulwark is a solid wall-like structure raised for defense, or a rampart
  31. a. pedantic means ostentatiously or narrowly learned, or unimaginative; one meaning of pedestrian is commonplace or unimaginative
  32. b. bumptious means noisily self-assertive; arrogant means disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth
  33. d. expiation means the act of making atonement; atonement means reparation for an offense or injury
  34. c. flagitious means marked by outrageous crime or vice; villainous means having the characteristics of a deliberate criminal or scoundrel
  35. a. to inveigle means to win over with flattery; to cajole means to persuade with flattery

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