501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 12)

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Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word provided.

1. heed

a. trek

b. consider

c. consolidate

d. bound

2. edge

a. diffuse

b. point

c. force

d. dissuade

3. elevate

a. lessen

b. mention

c. affix

d. hoist

4. appoint

a. score

b. discuss

c. nominate

d. ensure

5. hoard

a. stockpile

b. burrow

c. mine

d. dessert

6. homogeneous

a. alike

b. strange

c. polite

d. alkaline

7. hub

a. counsel

b. elder

c. center

d. extension

8. tame

a. lost

b. evasive

c. pushy

d. submissive

9. irk

a. shrug

b. irritate

c. devour

d. avoid

10. loom

a. disappear

b. cut

c. surface

d. teach

1. fitful

a. erratic

b. angry

c. tired

d. pronounced

12. gaudy

a. massive

b. mindful

c. tasteful

d. flashy

13. flaunt

a. conceal

b. parade

c. trust

d. fray

14. flex

a. bend

b. binge

c. rid

d. consume

15. tantalize

a. pronounce

b. reign

c. equal

d. flirt

16. dastardly

a. devastating

b. cowardly

c. clever

d. munificent

17. aficionado

a. novice

b. trickster

c. devotee

d. agent

18. contiguous

a. catching

b. divided

c. adjoining

d. circumstantial

19. swindler

a. charlatan

b. expert

c. divinity

d. debonair

20. rogue

a. knave

b. wander

c. buffoon

d. color

21. apologist

a. liar

b. defender

c. failure

d. admirer

22. proxy

a. spasm

b. closeness

c. delegate

d. court

23. buffet

a. protect

b. barricade

c. armoire

d. strike

24. travesty

a. confusion

b. mockery

c. disaster

d. speculation

25. bristle

a. aloof

b. seethe

c. wave

d. doubt

26. admonish

a. laud

b. decorate

c. caution

d. admire

27. wheedle

a. retreat

b. deceive

c. plead

d. question

28. aplomb

a. mine

b. clumsiness

c. complication

d. poise

29. aver

a. dissipate

b. create

c. hate

d. state

30. mien

a. carriage

b. average

c. vicious

d. disguise

31. paroxysm

a. conundrum

b. fit

c. contraction

d. spite

32. aegis

a. superstition

b. reference

c. sponsorship

d. archive

33. sepulture

a. burial

b. parasite

c. verse

d. sermon

34. harridan

a. governor

b. vessel

c. witch

d. lawyer

35. apothegm

a. medicine

b. adage

c. speculation

d. resistance

36. grandiloquence

a. respect

b. bluster

c. denial

d. solemnity

37. fulmination

a. explosion

b. recession

c. achievement

d. blessing

38. pococurante

a. native

b. hot

c. blasé

d. hidden

39. escarpment

a. warning

b. cliff

c. campsite

d. tomb

40. plutocrat

a. banker

b. priest

c. judge

d. astronomer

Answer Key

  1. b. to heed means to pay attention to, or to consider
  2. a. to edge means to force or move gradually (as in to edge off the road)
  3. d. to elevate means to lift up, or raise; to hoist means to raise into position
  4. c. to appoint means to name officially, often to a position; to nominate means to appoint or propose for office
  5. a. to hoard means to gather a hidden supply; to stockpile means accumulate a reserve of something
  6. a. homogeneous means descended from the same ancestral type, or alike
  7. c. a hub is a center of activity
  8. d. tame means deficient in spirit or courage, or submissive
  9. b. to irk means to annoy or irritate
  10. c. to loom means to come into sight in enlarged or distorted form; to surface means to come to the surface or into view
  11. a. fitful means having intermittent or irregular character; erratic means lacking regularity
  12. d. gaudy means ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented; flashy means ostentatious or showy
  13. b. to flaunt means to display ostentatiously or impudently; to parade means to exhibit ostentatiously
  14. a. to flex means to bend
  15. d. to tantalize means to tease by presenting something desirable; to flirt means to behave amorously without serious intent
  16. b. dastardly means despicably mean or cowardly
  17. c. an aficionado is a fan, or a devotee
  18. c. contiguous means touching along a boundary or point; adjoining means joining at a point or line
  19. a. a swindler is a person who takes money or property through fraud or deceit; a charlatan is a person who pretends to have knowledge or ability, or a fraud
  20. a. a rogue is a dishonest person; a knave is a tricky deceitful person
  21. b. an apologist is a person who writes or speaks in defense of a cause, or a defender
  22. c. a proxy is a person who has the power to act for another, or a delegate
  23. d. to buffet means to strike repeatedly
  24. b. a travesty is a distorted or grossly inferior imitation; a mockery is an insincere or contemptible imitation
  25. b. to bristle is to take on an aggressive or angry appearance; to seethe means to experience violent internal agitation
  26. c. to admonish means to express warning in a gentle manner, or to caution
  27. c. to wheedle means to influence using soft words or flattery; to plead means to entreat or appeal earnestly
  28. d. aplomb means complete composure or self-assurance, or poise
  29. d. to aver means to declare positively, or to state
  30. a. mien means appearance or demeanor; carriage means manner of holding one’s body, or posture
  31. b. a paroxysm is an attack or convulsion, or a fit
  32. c. aegis means protection, or sponsorship
  33. a. sepulture means burial
  34. c. a harridan is a shrew, or a witch
  35. b. an apothegm is a short, pithy saying; an adage is a saying that embodies a common observation
  36. b. grandiloquence means lofty or pompous eloquence; one meaning of bluster is loudly boastful speech
  37. a. a fulmination is a sudden or loud noise, or an explosion
  38. c. pococurante means indifferent or nonchalant; blasé means apathetic to pleasure
  39. b. an escarpment is a long cliff or a steep slope
  40. a. a plutocrat is one who rules by virtue of wealth; a banker is one who engages in the business of finance

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