501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 13)

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Select the word that is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided.


1. subsequent

a. aloof

b. previous

c. following

d. dismissive

2. abrupt

a. continue

b. laudable

c. anticipated

d. careless

3. conserve

a. waste

b. silence

c. liberal

d. complicate

4. waive

a. retain

b. snub

c. imprison

d. display

5. erode

a. compost

b. clarify

c. ignore

d. restore

6. recall

a. rebate

b. demonstrate

c. forget

d. despise

7. dormant

a. clever

b. active

c. dreamy

d. invisible

8. procrastinate

a. lengthen

b. soothe

c. hurry

d. demolish

9. docile

a. intelligent

b. unruly

c. unreachable

d. pale

10. impromptu

a. rehearsed

b. bizarre

c. foolish

d. disarming

11. denigrate

a. blame

b. hide

c. query

d. uphold

12. bent

a. curved

b. disinclination

c. careful

d. lustrous

13. solvent

a. soggy

b. confusing

c. broke

d. critical

14. disconsolate

a. joyful

b. inhospitable

c. anguished

d. rude

15. brusque

a. cold

b. opulent

c. gracious

d. suspect

16. callow

a. kind

b. urbane

c. sensitive

d. gentle

17. countenance

a. force

b. genuine

c. deny

d. verify

18. cachet

a. release

b. explanation

c. thinness

d. ignominy

19. evince

a. convince

b. hallow

c. hide

d. interpret

20. vainglorious

a. horrible

b. fierce

c. greedy

d. modest

21. iniquitous

a. virtuous

b. complacent

c. equal

d. virulent

22. obstreperous

a. short

b. tame

c. strict

d. distant

23. ebullient

a. aggressive

b. acrid

c. unjust

d. glum

24. halcyon

a. obtrusive

b. advanced

c. tempestuous

d. unscientific

25. imprimatur

a. servant

b. teacher

c. disapproval

d. rustic

26. odium

a. fragrance

b. ease

c. admiration

d. trust

27. mephitic

a. honest

b. healthy

c. simple

d. rural

28. platitudinous

a. hilly

b. exhilarating

c. confounded

d. advantageous

29. facultative

a. compulsory

b. insipid

c. pending

d. decisive

30. persiflage

a. coddle

b. admiration

c. silence

d. clarity

Answers key

  1. b. subsequent means following in time or order; previous means going before in time or order
  2. c. abrupt means occurring without warning, or sudden; anticipated means expected
  3. a. to conserve means to keep safe or preserve, which is the opposite of to waste
  4. a. to waive means to give up voluntarily; to retain means to keep
  5. d. to erode means to wear away; to restore means to bring back to an original state
  6. c. to recall means to remember, which is the opposite of to forget
  7. b. dormant means temporarily inactive, which is the opposite of active
  8. c. to procrastinate means to delay or put off, which is the opposite of to hurry
  9. b. docile means easily taught; unruly means not easily managed or disciplined
  10. a. impromptu means unplanned or unrehearsed; rehearsed means trained or practiced
  11. d. to denigrate means to deny the importance of something, or to belittle; to uphold means to support or to elevate
  12. b. a bent is a strong inclination or capacity; a disinclination is a slight aversion
  13. c. one meaning of solvent is able to pay all debts; broke means penniless
  14. a. disconsolate means cheerless or dejected, which is the opposite of joyful
  15. c. brusque means blunt in manner or speech to the point of being ungracious; gracious means marked by charm and good taste
  16. b. callow means unsophisticated; urbane means sophisticated
  17. c. to countenance means to extend approval or sanction; to deny means to refuse to grant
  18. d. cachet means prestige; ignominy means disgrace
  19. c. to evince means to display clearly or reveal, which is the opposite of to hide
  20. d. vainglorious means boastful, which is the opposite of modest
  21. a. iniquitous means wicked; virtuous means morally excellent
  22. b. obstreperous means stubbornly resistant to control or unruly; tame means docile or submissive
  23. d. ebullient means lively or enthusiastic; glum means dreary or gloomy
  24. c. halcyon means calm or peaceful; tempestuous means turbulent or stormy
  25. c. imprimatur means sanction or approval, therefore disapproval is the most dissimilar
  26. c. odium means hatred and condemnation; admiration means a feeling of delighted approval
  27. b. mephitic means relating to a foul, noxious exhalation from the earth; a mephitic environment would be unhealthy, so healthy is its opposite
  28. b. platitudinous means full of or characterized by banal, trite remarks; exhilarating means refreshing or exciting
  29. a. facultative means optional; compulsory means mandatory, or not optional
  30. c. persiflage means frivolous talk, therefore silence is the most dissimilar

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