501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 14)

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Synonyms and Antonyms

Read each question carefully and select the word that is the most similar or most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided.

1. beckon is most similar to

a. light

b. beg

c. motion

d. hear

2. earnest is most dissimilar to

a. cheap

b. frivolous

c. release

d. civilized

3. execute is most similar to

a. perform

b. decide

c. wonder

d. dismiss

4. idiom is most similar to

a. stupidity

b. recipe

c. fastener

d. expression

5. accelerate is most dissimilar to

a. delay

b. risk

c. monitor

d. deny

6. engross is most similar to

a. fatten

b. absorb

c. disgust

d. destroy

7. impervious is most dissimilar to

a. kind

b. disastrous

c. prone

d. perfect

8. brood is most similar to

a. wander

b. direction

c. progeny

d. tribe

9. balk is most similar to

a. crow

b. fight

c. distress

d. hamper

10. conversant is most dissimilar to

a. inexperienced

b. unprepared

c. shy

d. unpretentious

12. unctuous is most dissimilar to

a. pliant

b. cruel

c. sincere

d. rubbery

13. hubris is most similar to

a. earth

b. pride

c. humility

d. sorrow

14. bemuse is most dissimilar to

a. depress

b. inspire

c. clarify

d. desire

15. contrite is most similar to

a. brief

b. malicious

c. banal

d. rueful

16. beset is most similar to

a. hector

b. decorate

c. establish

d. suspect

17. penurious is most dissimilar to

a. generous

b. lenient

c. injurious

d. relaxed

18. perfidy is most similar to

a. incompleteness

b. ideal

c. betrayal

d. braggart

19. ascription is most similar to

a. account

b. attribution

c. cure

d. description

20. fustigate is most dissimilar to

a. inveigle

b. investigate

c. explain

d. praise

21. bagatelle is most similar to

a. paste

b. bread

c. bauble

d. pirouette

11. staunch is most similar to

a. faithful

b. strict

c. biased

d. political

Answer key

  1. c. to beckon means to signal or summon with a wave or a nod; to motion means to gesture
  2. b. earnest means grave or serious; frivolous means lacking in seriousness
  3. a. one meaning of to execute is to carry out fully; one meaning of to perform is to carry out
  4. d. an idiom is an expression that is unique either grammatically or in meaning
  5. a. to accelerate means to cause to move faster; to delay means to move or act slowly
  6. b. to engross means to occupy completely; one meaning of to absorb is to engage or engross wholly
  7. c. impervious means to be incapable of being affected or disturbed; prone means having a tendency or inclination, or being likely
  8. c. a brood is the young of an animal or a family of young; progeny is the offspring of animals or plants
  9. d. one meaning of to balk is to check or to stop; to hamper means to impede or restrain
  10. a. conversant means having knowledge or experience with, therefore inexperienced is the most dissimilar
  11. a. staunch means steadfast in loyalty or principle, or faithful
  12. c. unctuous means marked by a smug or false earnestness, or insincere, therefore sincere is the most dissimilar
  13. b. hubris means exaggerated pride or self-confidence
  14. c. to bemuse means to make confused, or to bewilder; to clarify means to make free from confusion
  15. d. contrite means penitent for sin or failing; rueful means regretful
  16. a. to beset means to trouble or harass; to hector means to intimidate or harass
  17. a. penurious means given to extreme stinginess or frugality, which is the opposite of generous
  18. c. perfidy means an act of disloyalty, or betrayal
  19. b. ascription means the act of referring to a supposed cause, source, or author; attribution means the act of explaining by indicating a cause, or the act of ascribing a work to a particular author or artist
  20. d. to fustigate means to criticize severely, which is the opposite of to praise
  21. c. a bagatelle is a trifle (something of little value or importance); a bauble is a trinket or a trifle

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