501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 5)

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Which of these words most nearly means the word provided?


1 deplete 13 cheat 25 tart
a. decorate a. stingy a. law
b. beg b. argue b. acid
c. exhaust c. freckle c. angry
d. hurry d. defraud d. desirable
2 voluntary 14 miserable 26 corner
a. willing a. cruel a. display
b. charity b. wrong b. trap
c. prisoner c. unhappy c. paint
d. careless d. miss d. hurry
3 refute 15 vintage 27 zest
a. garbage a. classic a. gusto
b. deny b. alcoholic b. cram
c. offer c. disease c. worry
d. difficult d. spoiled d. trial
4 haggle 16 imperial 28 latent
a. tired a. bratty a. dormant
b. climb b. oppressive b. recent
c. decrease c. regal c. effeminate
d. bargain d. beautiful d. desirable
5 impel 17 diffuse 29 wretched
a. force a. difficult a. twisted
b. block b. scatter b. forced
c. hinder c. incomprehensible c. miserable
d. discredit d. unplug d. increased
6 throng 18 hinder 30 irksome
a. garment a. lose a. outrageous
b. bell b. loose b. fearsome
c. mass c. despair c. impoverished
d. weight d. check d. annoying
7 regulate 19 lissome 31 ersatz
a. even a. slow a. chaotic
b. police b. honest b. artificial
c. flow c. supple c. impromptu
d. position d. dull d. vague
8 warrant 20 misprize 32 redolent
a. justify a. despise a. ubiquitous
b. burrow b. devalue b. odorous
c. hide c. erroneous c. shy
d. integrity d. covet d. bellicose
9 protract 21 impugn 33 turpitude
a. hire a. imply a. lethargy
b. fold b. fret b. honor
c. delay c. assail c. belligerence
d. corner d. recalcitrant d. depravity
10 lax 22 supervene 34  propinquity
a. ensure a. intervene a. habit
b. slack b. overreach b. nearness
c. servant c. displace c. capacity
d. strive d. follow d. tendency
11 rigor 23 exigent 35 vociferous
a. austerity a. urgent a. numerous
b. rope b. treatise b. bountiful
c. fix c. miser c. strident
d. excess d. expedient d. garrulous
12 discrete 24 fervid
a. leave a. delightful
b. diminish b. difficult
c. squander c. obstinate
d. distinct d. ardent

Answer Key

  1. c. deplete means to reduce or deprive or something essential; exhaust means to empty completely
  2. a. voluntary means done by one’s own will, or willing
  3. b. to refute means to prove wrong, or to deny the truth of
  4. d. to haggle means to negotiate over terms or price, or to bargain
  5. a. to impel means to drive forward using strong moral pressure, or to force
  6. c. a throng is a large number of assembled people, or a mass
  7. b. to regulate means to bring under the control of law; to police means to control or keep order
  8. a. to warrant means to serve as adequate ground or reason, or to justify
  9. c. to protract means to prolong in time or space, or to delay
  10. b. lax means in a relaxed state, or slack
  11. a. rigor means severity of life, or austerity
  12. d. discrete means individually distinct
  13. d. to cheat means to influence by means of trickery, or to defraud
  14. c. miserable means in a state of distress or unhappiness
  15. a. vintage means of old and enduring interest, or classic
  16. c. imperial means befitting or suggesting an emperor; regal means befitting or suggesting a king
  17. b. to diffuse means to break up or spread out, or to scatter
  18. d. to hinder means to hold back; one meaning of to check means to slow or bring to a stop
  19. c. lissome means supple or flexible
  20. a. to misprize means to hold in contempt, or to despise
  21. c. to impugn means to attack verbally as false or lacking integrity; to assail means to attack
  22. d. to supervene means to follow as an unexpected development
  23. a. exigent means demanding immediate attention, or urgent
  24. d. fervid means ardent or passionate
  25. b. tart means pleasantly sharp or acid to the taste
  26. b. to corner means to drive into a corner, or to trap
  27. a. one meaning of zest is keen enjoyment, or gusto
  28. a. latent means capable of becoming but not currently visible, or dormant
  29. c. wretched means extremely distressed, or miserable
  30. d. irksome means tedious or annoying
  31. b. ersatz means a usually artificial or inferior substitute
  32. b. redolent means aromatic or full of a specific scent, or odorous
  33. d. turpitude means wickedness, or depravity
  34. b. propinquity means nearness in place or time
  35. c. vociferous means loud and insistent, often in presentation of demands or requests; strident also means loud and insistent

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