501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 6)

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Which word is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided?

1 gracious 13 imaginative 25 exact
a. cordial a. playful a. join
b. rude b. written b. sympathetic
c. furious c. small c. incorrect
d. tactile d. dull d. whole
2 valor 14 knowing 26 extravagant
a. cowardice a. wasteful a. unknown
b. false b. dense b. homebody
c. drop c. clumsy c. punctual
d. heavy d. fast d. moderate
3 severe 15 animosity 27 stamina
a. lenient a. love a. weakness
b. cautious b. plantlike b. clear
c. join c. barren c. decisive
d. one d. tiny d. calmness
4 rough 16 tacit 28 concede
a. tumble a. grand a. sit
b. sleek b. dictated b. withstand
c. fast c. illicit c. dismiss
d. distant d. messy d. elaborate
5 garner 17 repudiate 29 placate
a. unravel a. argue a. appease
b. mar b. soften b. strip
c. squander c. slander c. tremendous
d. tarnish d. admit d. enrage
6 prodigal 18 pristine 30 popular
a. thrifty a. free a. empty
b. secondary b. sullied b. uncommon
c. distant c. wide c. famous
d. squalid d. thorough d. feisty
7 felicitous 19 adroit 31 rabble
a. morbid a. clumsy a. order
b. boorish b. left b. clear
c. inopportune c. diplomatic c. open
d. delightful d. unpersuasive d. union
8 austere 20 mite 32 protean
a. lavish a. weakness a. unformed
b. unfavorable b. tend b. unchanging
c. light c. bulk c. elaborate
d. devout d. drive d. selective
9 insipid 21 supernal 33 vertiginous
a. cold a. nocturnal a. horizontal
b. brave b. special b. litigious
c. exciting c. despicable c. constant
d. bashful d. hellish d. lowly
10 wastrel 22 reprobate 34 parvenu
a. sober a. sage a. wallflower
b. spendthrift b. elevated b. highway
c. mute c. possess c. melody
d. miser d. dismiss d. plan
11 temperate 23 specious 35 lapidarian
a. Celsius a. genuine a. square
b. inordinate b. logical b. secular
c. lukewarm c. common c. pasture
d. safely d. deliberate d. inelegant
12 nebulous 24 effete
a. cloudy a. conquer
b. dim b. proper
c. distinct c. prosperous
d. desirable d. civilized

Answer Key

  1. b. gracious means to be pleasant in a social situation, or cordial; rude means to be unpleasant
  2. a. valor means strength of mind or spirit, or courage; cowardice means lack of courage
  3. a. one meaning of severe is strict; lenient means mild or indulgent
  4. d. imaginative means having imagination; dull means lacking imagination
  5. b. knowing means having information or knowledge; dense means dull or stupid
  6. a. animosity means resentment or hostility, therefore love is the opposite
  7. c. exact means in complete accordance with fact, or correct, therefore incorrect is the opposite
  8. d. extravagant means lacking in restraint and moderation, therefore moderate is the opposite
  9. a. stamina means strength or endurance, therefore weakness is the opposite
  10. b. rough means having an uneven, coarse surface; sleek means having a smooth, bright surface
  11. c. to garner means to gather or to store; to squander means to cause to disperse or to scatter
  12. a. prodigal means wasteful or extravagant; thrifty means thriving by industry and frugality
  13. b. tacit means unspoken, or implied; dictated means spoken
  14. d. to repudiate means to reject or deny, therefore to admit is the opposite
  15. b. pristine means unspoiled or pure; sullied means spoiled or tarnished
  16. b. to concede means to yield; to withstand means to successfully resist
  17. d. to placate means to soothe or calm; to enrage means to anger
  18. b. popular means frequently encountered or accepted, or common, therefore uncommon is the opposite
  19. c. felicitous means very well-suited or apt; inopportune means inconvenient or not well-suited
  20. a. austere means simple and unadorned; lavish means produced or expended in abundance
  21. c. insipid means lacking in qualities that interest or excite, therefore exciting is the opposite
  22. d. a wastrel is someone who spends foolishly or self-indulgently; a miser is someone who hoards his or her wealth
  23. b. temperate means moderate; inordinate means excessive or immoderate
  24. c. nebulous means vague or indistinct, therefore distinct is the opposite
  25. a. adroit means skillful in the use of the hands, therefore clumsy is the opposite
  26. c. mite means a very small or insignificant part; bulk means the main or greater part
  27. d. supernal means coming from on high, or heavenly; infernal is a synonym for hellish
  28. b. reprobate means morally debased or depraved; one meaning of elevated is to be on a moral or intellectual high plane
  29. a. specious means having a false look of truth or genuineness, therefore genuine is the opposite
  30. b. effete means weak or decadent; one meaning of proper is virtuous or respectable
  31. d. a rabble is a disorderly or disorganized crowd of people; a union is a group of individuals joined in an organized manner
  32. b. protean means showing great diversity or variability, or versatile, therefore unchanging is the opposite
  33. c. vertiginous means inclined to frequent change, or inconstant, therefore constant is the opposite
  34. a. a parvenu is an upstart or a social climber; a wallflower is someone who refrains from socializing
  35. d. lapidarian means having elegance or precision and comes from the word lapidary, which means a cutter or engraver of precious stones, therefore inelegant is the opposite

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