501 Synonym & Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 8)

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Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word provided.

1. wrath

a. knot

b. anger

c. crime

d. smoke


2. plethora

a. trouble

b. foolish

c. wealth

d. love


3. calamity

a. potion

b. silence

c. shellfish

d. disaster


4. pompous

a. arrogant

b. supportive

c. busy

d. gaudy


5. prevalent

a. wind

b. servile

c. widespread

d. rare


6. wince

a. flinch

b. cheer

c. crush

d. solitary


7. superficial

a. gorgeous

b. shallow

c. intelligent

d. rich


8. tangle

a. snarl

b. growl

c. dance

d. shiver


9. reform

a. punish

b. destroy

c. display

d. correct


10. methodical

a. rhythmic

b. poetic

c. systematic

d. disrespectful


11. spite

a. joy

b. beverage

c. wonder

d. malice


12. scale

a. climb

b. sail

c. swim

d. skate


13. smudge

a. gloat

b. residue

c. blur

d. celebrate

14. mundane

a. dirty

b. commonplace

c. confused

d. extraordinary


15. pretension

a. stress

b. ambition

c. waste

d. strife


16. affect

a. outcome

b. share

c. pompous

d. cultivate


17. herald

a. insignia

b. postpone

c. hail

d. regal


18. faculty

a. defective

b. school

c. gift

d. desire


19. mirth

a. anger

b. glee

c. sarcasm

d. mistrust


20. drudgery

a. silliness

b. labor

c. evil

d. investigation


21. prerequisite

a. necessary

b. course

c. difficult

d. tar


22. dire

a. questionable

b. forthright

c. traitor

d. urgent


23. grapple

a. struggle

b. trap

c. laugh

d. intend


24. sundry

a. aged

b. supply

c. various

d. tremendous


25. supplant

a. grow

b. replace

c. undo

d. question


26. venerate

a. ordain

b. breathe

c. polish

d. revere

27. conciliate

a. appease

b. disagree

c. revive

d. separate


28. exultant

a. afraid

b. jubilant

c. expectant

d. demanding


29. surreptitious

a. overbearing

b. clandestine

c. indirect

d. impious


30. recalcitrant

a. hesitant

b. subdued

c. unruly

d. subtract


31. pretty

a. plain

b. confusing

c. ugly

d. terrible


32. coterie

a. various

b. flirtation

c. club

d. socialize


33. nefarious

a. infamous

b. macabre

c. evil

d. distinguished


34. curry

a. flatter

b. spicy

c. squander

d. game


35. preternatural

a. immature

b. extraordinary

c. removed

d. unearned


36. pernicious

a. noxious

b. illicit

c. open

d. undecided


37. reprisal

a. accusation

b. loathe

c. retaliation

d. insinuation


38. manifold

a. evident

b. contemporary

c. diverse

d. willing


39. factious

a. sham

b. unreliable

c. seditious

d. argumentative

Answer Key

  1. b. wrath means strong, vengeful anger
  2. c. abundance means an ample quantity, or wealth
  3. d. a calamity is an extraordinarily grave event, or disaster
  4. a. pompous means self-important, or arrogant
  5. c. prevalent means generally accepted, or widespread
  6. a. to wince means to shrink back involuntarily, or to flinch
  7. b. superficial means to be concerned only with the surface or appearance, or shallow
  8. a. a tangle is a twisted, knotted mass, or a snarl
  9. d. to reform means to change for the better, or to correct
  10. c. methodical means proceeding according to an order or system, or systematic
  11. d. spite means petty ill will or hatred, or malice
  12. a. one meaning of scale is to climb
  13. c. a smudge is a blurry spot or streak
  14. b. mundane means ordinary, or commonplace
  15. b. pretension means an effort to establish, or ambition
  16. d. to affect means to make a display of using or liking something, or to cultivate
  17. c. to herald means to greet with enthusiasm, or to hail
  18. c. one meaning of faculty is an ability or gift
  19. b. mirth means gladness expressed with laughter, or glee
  20. b. drudgery means uninspiring or menial labor
  21. a. prerequisite means necessary for carrying out a function
  22. d. dire means desperately urgent
  23. a. to grapple means to come to grips with, or to struggle
  24. c. sundry means an indeterminate number, or various
  25. b. to supplant means take the place of, or to replace
  26. d. to venerate means to treat with reverential respect, or to revere
  27. a. to conciliate means to gain goodwill with pleasing acts, or to appease
  28. b. exultant means filled with or expressing great joy, or jubilant
  29. b. surreptitious means done or acquired in stealth, or clandestine
  30. c. recalcitrant means defiant of authority, or unruly
  31. d. one meaning of pretty is miserable or terrible, as in the expression “a pretty pickle’’
  32. c. a coterie is an intimate or exclusive group or people who share a common interest or purpose; a club is an association of people for a common purpose
  33. c. nefarious means flagrantly wicked, or evil
  34. a. to curry means to seek to gain favor, or to flatter
  35. b. preternatural means exceeding what is natural, or extraordinary
  36. a. pernicious means highly injurious or deadly, or noxious
  37. c. a reprisal is an act of vengeance, or a retaliation
  38. c. manifold means marked by variety, or diverse
  39. c. factious means inclined to form factions; seditious means disposed to insurrection

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