501 Synonym; Antonym Questions and Answer Key ( Part 9)

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Select the word that is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided.

1. tragic

a. boring

b. mysterious

c. comic

d. incredulous


2. able

a. willful

b. inept

c. careful

d. feasible


3. tireless

a. exhausted

b. unfailing

c. broke

d. driving


4. wean

a. flourish

b. flush

c. strengthen

d. addict


5. haste

a. delay

b. frugal

c. debauchery

d. solemnity


6. malice

a. goodwill

b. bitterness

c. coddle

d. distress


7. permanent

a. loose

b. fierce

c. fleeting

d. unhappy


8. attain

a. crave

b. lose

c. harbor

d. credit


9. taint

a. cheer

b. worry

c. clear

d. purify


10. belittle

a. plain

b. detract

c. magnify

d. torment


11. tedious

a. unwavering

b. frightening

c. horrible

d. pleasurable


12. license

a. restriction

b. allow

c. join

d. gather

15. denounce

a. covet

b. condemn

c. blame

d. deplore


16. contrary

a. urbane

b. agreeable

c. unpleasant

d. despicable


17. glower

a. prairie

b. smile

c. raise

d. throw


18. exacting

a. upright

b. lenient

c. sober

d. general


19. curtail

a. remain

b. detain

c. placate

d. prolong


20. eminent

a. imminent

b. obscure

c. retire

d. unsure


21. abdicate

a. deny

b. usurp

c. blame

d. renounce


22. indolent

a. industrious

b. complimentary

c. native

d. smooth


23. fortuitous

a. undefended

b. gratuitous

c. deliberate

d. impoverished


24. disparage

a. hesitate

b. settle

c. trouble

d. applaud


25. dubious

a. reliable

b. pleasing

c. rhythmic

d. careful


26. interdict

a. continue

b. abstain

c. wallow

d. sanction

29. verdant

a. dishonest

b. suspicious

c. moldy

d. arid


30. ductile

a. unfeeling

b. arrogant

c. precious

d. rigid


31. asperity

a. moistness

b. amenity

c. sour

d. generosity


32. epicurean

a. ascetic

b. slovenly

c. imprecision

d. providential


33. traduce

a. deduce

b. laud

c. presuppose

d. converge


34. bridle

a. heckle

b. dissuade

c. vent

d. persist


35. spare

a. rotund

b. pacify

c. impolite

d. impose


36. proclivity

a. calm

b. antipathy

c. desire

d. dearth


37. vituperation

a. alacrity

b. alertness

c. reparation

d. acclaim


38. gambol

a. trudge

b. hedge

c. crone

d. misplace


39. quixotic

a. simple

b. staid

c. passe

d. unpredictable


40. lachrymose

a. quick

b. loquacious

c. blithe

d. plentiful

13. frivolous

a. pious

b. inexpensive

c. serious

d. contemptuous


14. plain

a. meadow

b. ugly

c. lovely

d. unadorned

27. mendacious

a. bashful

b. capacious

c. veracious

d. quiet


28. lassitude

a. release

b. demure

c. fatigue

d. vigor


Answer key

  1. c. tragic means regrettably serious or sorrowful; comic means humorous
  2. b. able means having skill or ability; inept means lacking skill
  3. a. tireless means filled with energy; exhausted means depleted of energy
  4. d. to wean means to detach from a dependence; to addict means to make dependent
  5. a. haste means hurry; delay means postponement or procrastination
  6. a. malice means a desire to see another suffer; goodwill means desire to see another benefit
  7. c. permanent means lasting; fleeting means passing quickly or temporary
  8. b. to attain means to achieve or to gain, therefore to lose is the most dissimilar
  9. d. to taint means to contaminate or corrupt; to purify means to make pure
  10. c. to belittle means to make seem little or less; to magnify means to enlarge
  11. d. tedious means boring; pleasurable means enjoyable or delightful
  12. a. one meaning of a license is permission; restriction means limitation
  13. c. frivolous means lacking seriousness, therefore serious is the most dissimilar
  14. c. plain means lacking in beauty; lovely means beautiful
  15. a. one meaning of to denounce is to speak out against; to covet means to wish for enviously
  16. b. contrary means unwilling to accept control or advice; agreeable means ready or willing to agree
  17. b. glower means a sullen brooding look, therefore smile is the most dissimilar
  18. b. exacting means severe; lenient means indulgent
  19. d. to curtail means to cut short; to prolong means to lengthen or extend
  20. b. eminent means prominent, or famous; obscure means not prominent, or unknown
  21. b. to abdicate means to renounce power or high office; to usurp means seize power or high office
  22. a. indolent means lazy; industrious means hardworking
  23. c. fortuitous means occurring by chance, or accidental; deliberate means resulting from careful consideration, or voluntary
  24. d. to disparage means to speak slightingly about; to applaud means to express approval
  25. a. dubious means questionable or unreliable, therefore reliable is the most dissimilar
  26. d. to interdict means to forbid; to sanction means to approve
  27. c. mendacious means dishonest; veracious means truthful or honest
  28. d. lassitude means weariness; vigor means strength or force
  29. d. one meaning of verdant is green, especially with plant life; arid means dry, or lacking enough rainfall for agriculture
  30. d. one meaning of ductile is easily led or influenced; one meaning of rigid is inflexible, set in opinion
  31. b. asperity means roughness of surface or manner; amenity means pleasantness or smoothness of manner
  32. a. epicurean means having sensitive and self-indulgent taste especially in food and wine; ascetic means practicing self-denial and austerity
  33. b. to traduce means to expose to shame or blame; to laud means to praise or extol
  34. c. to bridle means to restrain or keep under control; to vent means to relieve by means of an outlet
  35. a. one meaning of spare is lean; rotund means round or fleshy
  36. b. proclivity means inclination or predisposition; antipathy means settled aversion or dislike
  37. d. vituperation means bitter condemnation; acclaim means praise
  38. a. to gambol means to skip about in play; to trudge means to march steadily and laboriously
  39. b. quixotic means foolishly impractical and marked by extravagantly romantic ideals; staid means sedate and marked by prim self-restraint
  40. c. lachrymose means given to weeping, or morose; blithe means of a happy or lighthearted character, or merry

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