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The Academic Collocation List

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ACL help IELTS aspirants?

The Academic Collocation List (ACL) can help IELTS aspirants improve their collocational ability, becoming more proficient in academic English. ACL also assists students in improving their speaking and listening abilities

Why is it important to understand academic collocation?

It is necessary for the IELTS aspirant to comprehend the academic collocation to be more natural and understandable. They'll have alternative and richer ways of expressing themselves. Moreover, it will be easier for their brains to remember and use language in chunks or blocks rather than single words

Define Academic Collocation

"Collocation" means a group of words that usually go together, and academic collocations are useful for improving academic studies. They mainly focus on academic vocabulary and improve the accuracy and spontaneity of academic writing and speaking

Mention any 5 collocation list of expressions with Do

Some of the collocation lists of expressions with Do are: Do a deal, Do a favour, Do a good/great/terrible job, Do a report, and Do badly.

What are some collocations with Make?

Some collocation expressions with Make are: make an appointment, make breakfast, make a mess, make the payment, make an effort, make a decision, and make a fortune
Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson

Soon after graduating with a Master’s in Literature from Southern Arkansas University, she joined an institute as an English language trainer. She has had innumerous student interactions and has produced a couple of research papers on English language teaching. She soon found that non-native speakers struggled to meet the English language requirements set by foreign universities. It was when she decided to jump ship into IELTS training. From then on, she has been mentoring IELTS aspirants. She joined IELTSMaterial about a year ago, and her contributions have been exceptional. Her essay ideas and vocabulary have taken many students to a band 9.

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