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Using Academic Collocation List for IELTS to Boost your IELTS Score to Band 8.0+

The Academic Collocation List (ACL) covers 2,469 most frequent and pedagogically relevant lexical collocations in written academic English. The development involved four stages:

  • refinement of the data-driven list based on quantitative and qualitative parameters;
  • computational analysis of the corpus;
  • expert review;
  • systematization.

By highlighting the most important cross-disciplinary collocations, the ACL can help learners increase their collocational competence and thus their proficiency in academic English. Besides, using this list, IELTS students can improve their IELTS Speaking & Listening skills, thereby hiking up their IELTS scores to Band 8.0+

Download Academic Collocation List – PDF file

Download Academic Collocation List – XLS file


We would like to send heartfelt thanks to Professor Douglas Biber, and Bethany Gray for conducting the computational analysis of the source corpus. Their contributions are sincerely appreciated & gratefully acknowledged.

We express our deep sense of gratitude to Andrew Roberts for conducting the validation study of the Academic Collocation List. We also take this opportunity to record our sincere thanks to the members of the expert panel: David Crystal, Geoffrey Leech, Diane Schmitt, Della Summers, and Professor Lord Randolph Quirk.

Finally, we would also like to acknowledge with gratitude, valuable advice & support from Mike Mayor, and Chris Fox, as well as John H.A.L. De Jong.

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