IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: There is a General Increase in Anti-Social Behaviours

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: There is a General Increase in Anti-Social Behaviours

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Nguyen Thu Ha

Posted on Feb 20, 2021

It is worrying that anti-social behaviors and disrespect towards others are on the increase. This essay will explain some reasons behind this trend together with possible measures.
The most common cause for rude behaviors against others is the prolonged stress one has to face in our modern life. Not only do people work longer hours, but they also face greater work load or responsibility, let alone the financial burden when supporting a family. People have to compete nearly in everything they do, like finding a stand on the bus, securing a place for their kids in a good school or driving their vehicles through a congestion. This stress is the most common cause for ones to lose temper easily and act more violently than necessary. Nevertheless, we should not let outside factors erode our kindness and temperament but learn to adapt and relieve stress before it can build up. Taking up yoga or mediation, balancing between work and life are of great use to regain our self-control and positive mood.
Secondly, the mass media has much to play in spreading the antisocial behaviors. Villains often upload the viral videos or pictures on the net to attract curiosity of the netizens, attaining their goals of more viewers and shares. The more one sees these videos or disturbing images, the more likely they regard these acts as norms. This is especially true for the young who are quite impressionable and mimic what they see with little critical thinking. It is easy to find teenagers using vogue language prevalently either online or offline. It is high time parents and guardians monitor what their children access to on the net and properly guide them to better exploit the virtual means. Besides, the administrators of these platforms such as Facebook or Twitters should clearly label and eliminate malicious contents to keep users safer on the net.
In conclusion, the prevalence of rudeness and violence in modern society can be attributed to the increasingly stressful life and the ubiquity of bad contents commonly seen in various media sites. It is therefore strongly recommended that each individual learn how to alleviate stress and lead a more balanced life. In terms of the impact brought by the media, people should be selective in what they see or read while web managers should strictly alleviate wicked content put on their platforms.


Blessed Onothoja

Posted on May 29, 2017

The rise in poor moral behaviours among people has attracted lot of concern. This may be a result of several challenges faced by individuals. There are a number of solutions to these problems.

Firstly, disrespectful attitude may be a result of poor or no moral tutolage at the development stage of children. Modern society has brought with it the struggle for survival which leave parents with little or no time to teach their wards the different between good and bad and correct them appropriately when they default. When schools are also too busy with their curriculum, the children are left at the mercy of society. This children may grow up not being able to demonstrate proper morals.

Secondly, improper morals may be birthed from a society of hate and violence. When people breed hate for each other, there hearts will always devise strategise for war, and mutual respect will be totally absent. For instance, the violence in the southern part of Nigeria in 1999 led to many losing their lives until the intervention of the government.

There are a good number of solutions to these challenges. Parents should consider their children as the future and always incorporate them into their daily schedule. In addition, moral teachings should be part of school’s curriculum at children developmental stages. Lastly, the issue of violence should be addressed by inacting and enforcing laws against violence and promoting mediums that will foster peace in our society.

In conclusion, with the measures discussed, the issue of moral disfunctional behaviour can be addressed and reduced in the society.


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