Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: THE BUSINESS WORLD ( Part 3)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 8.0 9.0 THE WORLD OF POLITICS Practice Exercises and Answer Key Part 1 5

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: THE BUSINESS WORLD – Practice Exercises and Answer Key ( Part 3)



Choose a word from the box to fit in each gap below. You should use each word once only.

intangible        gagging           nest                  learning           labour

insider             golden             passing            sleeping           inheritance

hyper               pyramid           majority           hush                 stamp

  1. It is a steep _______ curve, but you are expected to climb it without someone having to hold your hand all the way; you must be quick to catch on to succeed in this company.
  2. The job was quite ___________ intensive, which is what brought the cost up from the original estimate.
  3. He was paid some _________ money in return for his public silence on the issue of who the child’s mother was.
  4. He invested in the company as a __________ partner, leaving the running of the business entirely in the hands of the other owners.
  5. It was exposed as a ___________ scheme and he was arrested on the charge of misappropriating some £6 million in total.
  6. The _____________ trade in this area is quite strong, which is just as well because there is not enough local business to sustain a service station round here.
  7. He had built up a considerable ___________ egg for himself by the time of his retirement.
  8. The couple were exempt from paying ____________ duty on their house purchase as the home’s value did not exceed the threshold of £250,000.
  9. He strongly refutes the charge of ___________ trading and claims that he is a victim of his own success.
  10. The judge issued a ___________ order to prevent the witness releasing a statement to the press.
  11. He secured a ___________ interest in the company when his brother died as the latter’s shares passed to him.
  12. He was given a _________ handshake to ensure that he would leave his post without incident.
  13. Naturally, you will be liable for _________ tax if you stand to gain to the tune of £ I million or more from the proceeds of your father’s will.
  14. The phenomenon of ___________ inflation is seldom an issue outside of wartime, during which it is nearly impossible to avoid.
  15. Goodwill is one of the most significant ___________ assets found on this company’s balance sheet.


Match the following words/phrases in Column A with the words/phrases of similar meaning in Column B.

Column A      Answer             Column B
(a) tycoon

(b) windfall

(c) sabbatical

(d) donor

(e) outlay

(f) bankrupt

(g) speculator

(h) blue-collar

(i) sole trader

(j) annuity

(k) unemployment benefit

(i) bonanza

(ii) dole

(iii) self-employed

(iv) pension

(v) insolvent

(vi) expenditure

(vii) working class

(viii) magnate

(ix) benefactor

(x) market player

(xi) leave of absence

Now complete the sentences below using words/phrases from Column B. You will not need to use all the words/phrases.

  1. He has been drawing the _________ for well over a year now so his employment prospects must surely be diminishing by the day.
  2. The Russian oil __________ has bought a majority share in another of the Premiership’s top football clubs.
  3. ____________ has exceeded income for the third successive quarter – soon we will have serious cash-flow issues.
  4. She has taken a _________ in order to spend some time caring for her terminally ill partner.
  5. This quarter has been a(n) ____________ one for new-car sales, which have risen by 25%.
  6. If the company is ____________ as you speculate then it is only a matter of time before it will miss one of its repayments.



1. learning

2. labour

3. hush

4. sleeping

5. pyramid

7. nest

8. stamp

9. insider

10. gagging

6. passing

11. majority

12. golden

13. inheritance

14. hyper

15. intangible



a. viii

b. i

c. xi

d. ix

e. vi

f. v

g. x

h. vii

i. iii

j. iv

k. ii


  1. Dole
  2. magnate
  3. Expenditure
  4. leave of absence
  5. bonanza
  6. insolvent

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