Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: THE WORLD OF POLITICS (Part 3)

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 8.0 9.0 THE WORLD OF POLITICS Practice Exercises and Answer Key Part 1 2

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 – 9.0: THE WORLD OF POLITICS – Practice Exercises and Answer Key (Part 3)



Match the words/phrases in Box A to their definitions in Box B. 

Box ABox B
1. a republic

2. the aristocracy

3. a technocracy

4. a dictatorship

5. fascism

6. a monarchy

7. a constitutional monarchy

8. a totalitarian state

9. capitalism

10. socialism

11. anarchy

12. a banana republic

a. a small country ruled by a corrupt dictatorship dependent on a single export commodity

b. ruled not by a hereditary leader but a government voted for by the people

c. a class of people of high social rank

d. a general state of lawlessness in the absence of organised government

e. a political system founded on the notion of the right to own private property, and committed to free trade

f. a political system founded on the notion of public ownership of property and resources, and collective and centralised administration

g. a country in which people have no authority and the state absolute control

h. a government with a hereditary head of state who holds most of the power

i. a political movement based upon the idea of tight, centralised control of all aspects of life

j. a democracy with a symbolic hereditary head of state with little power

k. a system of rule whereby one person wields all the power

l. a system of government which places power in the hands of those who are best qualified from a scientific and technical perspective



Match the words in Column A with their strongest collocates in Column B.

Column AAnswer Column B
(a)        trade

(b)        free

(c)        fiscal

(d)       welfare

(e)        national

(f)        state

(g)        semi-state

(h)        civil

(i)         attorney

(j)         excise

(k)        tertiary

(l)         public-private

(m)       financial

 (i)         trade

(ii)        debt

(iii)       aid

(iv)       ombudsman

(v)        service

(vi)       company

(vii)      state

(viii)     year

(ix)       general

(x)        duty

(xi)       partnership

(xii)      sector

(xiii)     surplus



Now use your answers to (I) above to complete these sentences. You should use each phrase once only.

  1. The __________ is a state-appointed individual tasked with ensuring that banks and other financial institutions behave ethically and adhere to legislation.
  2. The __________ scheme that has led to the building of three new schools in the London borough of Croydon must be applauded. This is a model other local councils should look to copy as not only does it result in improved educational facilities being made available to local students, it also encourages businesses to give something back to the community and play a more active role in community affairs.
  3. Last year’s deficit has been transformed into a significant __________ this year, reflecting the improved performance of indigenous companies in the export market.
  4. The __________ in Ireland runs from the start of January until the end of December.
  5. The __________ is still underperforming compared to agriculture, the fisheries industry and manufacturing, all three of which are experience somewhat of a boom.
  6. The __________ will cripple this country for generations unless it is radically restructured.
  7. __________ within the European Union ensures that all companies operate on a level playing field and that exporters in particular are not handicapped by restrictive customs regulations and prohibitive import tariffs.
  8. The __________ on cigarettes looks set to rise again in the upcoming budget.
  9. The government is to consult the __________ on whether the enacting of such a law would be in breach of the constitution.
  10. Government intervention in the form of __________ looks set to save the country’s national carrier from being forced out of business – that is assuming the European Union approves the rescue package.
  11. The __________ is still largely male-dominated despite a recruitment drive by the present government aimed at attracting more female workers into the employment of state bodies.
  12. The Electricity Supply Board looks set to be the latest __________ to be privatised as the government tries to raise funds to finance its ambitious programme of infrastructural development.
  13. Britain risks becoming a __________ if it continues to compensate those out of work so generously; at present, there are few incentives to encourage the unemployed back into the job market.


Use the clue-word in brackets to help you find the missing word in I – 5 below.

The lack of an 1._________ (extradite) treaty has caused an 2. _______________ (nation) incident between the Argentinean and British governments, the latter of which is demanding the return of a British national charged in a London court with several counts of murder. Argentina has thus far refused to comply with the request. As relations between the two countries continue to 3. _________ (integral), Britain has taken the unusual step of ordering its 4. ___________ (consult) staff in Buenos Aires home. Meanwhile the key witness in the case has been put in 5. _________ (protect) custody amid fears that he may be targeted by gang lords linked to the accused, James Bloom. Bloom, it appears, intends to remain on the run in Argentina and has no intention of returning to the UK to launch his defence.

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1. b

2. c

3. l

4. k

5. i

6. h

7. j

8. g

9. e

10. f

11. d

12. a


a. xiii

b. i

c. viii

d. vii

e. ii

f. iii

g. vi

h. v

i. ix

j. x

k. xii

l. xi

m. iv


1. financial ombudsman

2. public-private partnership

3. trade surplus

4. fiscal year

5. tertiary sector

6. national debt

7. free trade

8. excise duty

9. attorney general

10. state aid

11. civil service

12. semi-state company

13. welfare state


  1. extradition
  2. international
  3. disintegrate
  4. consular
  5. protective
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