Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Part 3)



Verbs in Action

Use a word from the box to fill the gap in each sentence. You may have to change the tense of the verb in some cases. Do not use any word more than once.

let off              deport              interrogate       subpoena

dismiss            inspect             incarcerate       collapse

bail                  extradite          apprehend

(a)        He was _________________ to give evidence at the trial of his former business partner, who was charged with trying to defraud the state.

(b)        The trial _________________ when it became clear that the main witness for the prosecution was not credible.

(c)        The case was ____________ by the judge who said the proceedings were a waste of time.

(d)       The assailant was _________ by police in a hideout near where the attack had taken place.

(e)        Following his sentencing by the judge, he was __________ in Loggersdale Penitentiary.

(f)        He was _________________ on a bond of £ 18,000.

(g)        The police ____________ the suspect at length before releasing him for lack of evidence.

(h)        The illegal migrant was _________________ back to his home country having spent ten weeks in a sort of limbo waiting to learn his fate.

(i)         She was ___________ from Britain to America on a charge of murder in the first degree.

(j)         He was _________________ with a caution by police on account of the extenuating circumstances – he was only speeding due of the fact that his wife was in hospital giving birth at that very moment.

(k)        Officers _______ the crime scene found traces of blood on one of the walls in the lounge.

Types of Punishment

Match the word or phrase (a – j) with its definition (i – x) as in the example.

(a)        capital punishment

(b)        community service

(c)        probation

(d)       suspended sentence

(e)        parole

(f)        mandatory sentence

(g)        minimum sentence

(h)        electronic monitoring

(i)         restitution

(j)         fine


(i) is the death penalty

(ii) is when a judge says an offender must serve at least a certain amount of time in jail (he may serve more)

(iii) is a sentence which will only have to be served if the criminal re-offends

(iv) is a sentence all of which must be served

(v) is tagging an offender to keep an eye on them

(vi) is a sum of money paid as a penalty for a crime

(vii) is a sentence whereby the offender is required to work for a certain period of time voluntarily on local projects

(viii) is the payment of damages to the victim of a crime

(ix) is the early release of a prisoner on good behaviour or for compassionate reasons

(x) is the setting free of a criminal under the supervision of the court or the local police


Verb Collocations

Select a word from the box below to fit in each gap. Use each word only once. You may need to change the tense of the verb you use in some cases.

hand down      impose             dismiss              overturn

settle                claim                reach                threat

appeal              grant

(a) He was ____________ parole on account of his good behaviour.

(b) The disputing parties ____________ an out-of-court settlement, the details of which were not made public.

(c) She is ____________ damages of $ 1 billion for loss of earnings as a consequence of the libelous newspaper report.

(d) She is ____________  to sue if the paper prints the pictures of her private holiday in Barbados.

(e) They ____________ the case on the steps of the court building, minutes before proceedings were due to get underway.

(f) The judge ____________ a mandatory life sentence to the defendant on account of the serious nature of the crime.

(g) The judge ____________ a fine of £500 on the defendant for failing to pay his parking tickets.

(h) The verdict was ____________ on appeal to the High Court.

(i) He is ____________ the verdict; the case will be reheard in ten days’ time.

(j) The judge ____________ his appeal, allowing the original verdict to stand.

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Verbs in Action

a. subpoenaed

b. collapsed

c. dismissed

d. apprehended

e. incarcerated

f. bailed

g. interrogated

h. deported

i. extradited

j. let off

k. inspecting


Types of Punishment

a. i

b. vii

c. x

d. iii

e. ix

f. iv

g. ii

h. v

i. viii

j. vi


 Verb Collocations

а. granted

b. reached

c. claiming

d. threatening

e. settled

f. handed down

g. imposed

h. overturned

i. appealing

j. dismissed


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