Television, Radio and the Internet

(a) For each word below, find the three strongest collocations from the box. Some of the words in the box may fit in more than one gap, but there will only be one answer which will enable you to complete the exercise and fill in all the gaps correctly.

pay-per-view   cable                social               upgrade           wireless           broadcast

broadband       firewall            premiere          open source     bluetooth         reality

hopping           anti-virus         prime-time       server               search engine               studio


__________ channel

__________ channel

channel __________


__________ connection

__________ connection

__________ connection


internet __________

internet __________

internet __________


__________ network

network __________

__________ network


__________ software

__________ software

software __________

__________ television

__________ television

television __________

(b) Choose a word from the box to fill each gap. Use each word once only.

netizen(s)         picking(s)        infomercial(s)  terminal(s)

stock(s)            commercial(s)  watershed(s)    terrestrial(s)

The standard of television programming produced in this country is in_____________ decline. The _____________ has be come a meaningless term confined in its applicability to bygone days when adult content felt the full force of censorship and was not allowed to appear on the box until after 9:00 p.m. Nowadays, however, it seems anything goes any time. And, truth told, whatever anything is, it seldom ‘goes’ for much longer than a half hour or so at any rate before it is interrupted by a _____________ break.        And don’t even get me started on those appalling _____________ most of the networks run right the way through the night, one after another, for up to thirty minutes at a time. It is truly painful. _____________ television is now, as far as I am concerned, a laughing _____________ . All the quality has been bought up by the satellite networks, with their big-money weight behind them, but even here _____________ is/are slim. In protest at the dire state of things, I have become a converted _____________ . I look to the web now to find good content. There, I can find just enough re-runs of quality programmes to prevent myself from falling into utter despair and pining for the good old days of yesteryear.

(c) Choose a suitable verb to fill each gap. You are not given any options/clues.

While the internet 1. _____________ up a whole new world of knowledge and information for this and future generations to explore, it also 2. _____________ a number of serious concerns for parents with young, net- savvy children. For starters, it is exceptionally difficult to 3. _____________ your children’s net activity and 4. _____________ abreast of whom they are interacting with online. Secondly, there is little if any censorship of the internet, so parents must be 5. _____________to do the censoring themselves or 6. _____________ on software products to do it for them. Even still, there are ways around the best-intentioned of such programmes, and, besides, the alarming level of growth in cyber-bullying is indicative of a trend parents should, perhaps, be far more concerned about. It used to be that children were 7. _____________    from the bullies one they 8. _____________ to the safe confines of their home, having escaped their schoolyard tormentors, but not anymore. There is nowhere to 9. _____________ thanks to social networks like Facebook, which, if anything, make the 10. _____________ far and wide of malicious rumours and the like easier than ever before given the virulent nature of the internet.


Television, Radio and the Internet


  1. pay-per-view – cable – hopping
  2. wireless – broadband – bluetooth
  3. server – search engine – firewall
  4. social – broadcast – premiere
  5. anti-virus – open-source – upgrade
  6. reality – prime-time – studio


terminal / watershed / commercial / infomercials / Terrestrial / stock / pickings / netizen


1 opens 2. presents/poses 3. monitor/control

4 keep/stay 5. willing/prepared 6. rely/depend/count

7 protected 8. returned 9. hide/run 10. spreading

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