The Potential Consequences of Global Warming

Use the words from the box to fill in gaps 1 – 8. You will not need to change the form of the words. Use each word once only.

inhospitable     vulnerable        refugees           displacement   inundated        cover

deglaciation     migration         frequency        diversity          extent              erosion

retreat              decimate

  1. Already there is some evidence of the _____________ of certain ice sheets in the Arctic. Scientists say that this could get worse. The majority of mountain glaciers throughout the world in both hemispheres are also presently in _____________ .
  2. Snow _____________ and sea ice _____________are also expected to decline considerably.
  3. There is expected to be a higher _____________ of extreme weather such as drought, flooding and the formation of intense storm systems.
  4. Scientists predict that the _____________ of many ecosystems will be reduced and many species will be made extinct. Certain ecosystems such as tundra, mangroves and coral reefs are thought to be particularly _____________.
  5. Oceanic acidification is predicted to accelerate considerably and this could _____________ entire populations of certain sea creatures at the base of the food chain that rely on carbonate ions to make structures they need to survive.
  6. There is likely to be more coastal _____________ and coastal flooding on account of rising sea levels, as well as a reduction in the fresh water supply, which could cause severe water shortages.
  7. Rising sea levels will also cause certain coastal areas to be _____________ and submerged, resulting in further localised population _____________ .
  8. Crop yield in certain parts of the world which experience significant localised warming will be adversely affected, which could result in mass _____________ and the creation of so-called climate _____________ . Contrariwise, countries lying in more northerly regions could benefit from better annual yields on account of their climates becoming milder and less _____________ .

Doing our bit for the Environment

Select an appropriate verb from the box to fill each gap.

releasing          upgrading        enacting           separating        ensuring           prosecuting

providing         sponsoring       adhering          arranging         lobbying          forming

protecting        ensuring           fitting              investing          substituting     switching

exploiting        subsidising      fitting


  1. ________ elected representatives to get them to pursue an environment-focused agenda
  2. ________ pressure groups to campaign for the introduction of environmental protection legislation
  3. ________ our homes are properly insulated and 4. ________ double glazing
  4. ________ waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items
  5. ________ to energy-saving light bulbs and 7. ________ household appliances are turned off when not in use
  6. ________ our cars for bikes or public transport where possible and practical
  7. ________ to carpool with work colleagues or friends
  8. ________ solar panels on our roofs


  1. ________ the public transport system
  2. ________ renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar power
  3. ________ the renewable energy industry to make it more competitive on price
  4. ________ incentives to customers to switch to alternative energy sources
  5. ________ areas of natural beauty and special environmental significance
  6. ________ those involved in illegal dumping
  7. ________ laws to protect endangered species
  8. ________ in research into alternative forms of energy
  9. ________ to the terms of the Kyoto Agreement
  10. ________ international initiatives to protect the environment
  11. ________ adequate funding to enable the proper policing of environmental protection laws


The Potential Consequences of Global Warming

l deglaciation/retreat 2. cover/extent 3. frequency 4. diversity/vulnerable

5 decimate 6. erosion 7. inundated/displacement 8. migration/refugees/inhospitable

Doing our bit for the environment

1 lobbying 2. forming 3. ensuring 4. fitting 5. separating

6 switching 7. ensuring 8. substituting 9. arranging

10 fitting 11. upgrading 12. exploiting 13. subsidising

14 providing 15. protecting 16. prosecuting 17. enacting

18 investing 19. adhering 20. sponsoring 21. releasing

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