The Natural World

Use the words from the box below to fill in the gaps in sentences 1 – 26. You will not need to change the form of the words. Use each word once only.

feral                 placental          conservation    predation         identity            stock

range               apex                 stray                alpha                resurgent         cull

sheds               solitary                        territory           breach              tropics             status

eradication      prey                 insulation         heat                 adverse

indigenous       gestation          nesting             run                   ban

  1. The Canadian government’s authorisation of the seal-pup a. ____________ annually is extremely controversial and brings the wrath of conservationists down on it.
  2. During the annual Alaskan salmon b. ____________ , such is the abundance of spawning fish that the local bear population enjoys a veritable feast. However, overfishing has depleted the c. ____________ of wild salmon considerably.
  3. The disappearance of sea ice has forced polar bears into swimming increasingly long distances in search of suitable d. ____________ .
  4. The international e. ____________ imposed on whale hunting is not adhered to by several countries, Including Norway and Japan.
  5. The increasing popularity of so-called eco-tourism is having a(n) f. ____________ effect on once isolated areas like Galapagos.
  6. If global warming continues apace, diseases now confined to the g. ____________ , such as malaria, will quite possibly make their way as far north as the United Kingdom.
  7. Although the population of wolves in Spain is stabilising thanks to h. ____________ efforts, there is still a long way to go before long-term recovery is guaranteed.
  8. The i. ____________ population of red squirrels in parts of Scotland is a sign that efforts to control the population of greys have been somewhat successful.
  9. Shark attacks along the Australian coastline are usually a case of mistaken j. ____________ .
  10. The k. ____________ period of the red deer lasts typically 240 to 262 days.
  11. Male wildebeest are willing if necessary to fight to the death over a female in l. ____________ .
  12. Unlike its cousin the lion, the leopard is a m. ____________ beast which will only seek out the company of others of its species during the mating season.
  13. Watching a whale n. ____________ the surface is a spectacle that is hard to forget.
  14. The lion is an o. ____________ predator; the only serious threat to it comes from man.
  15. The p. ____________ male of a band of gorillas will typically have a distinctive area of silver- coloured fur on its back.
  16. q. ____________ mammals dominate much of the rest of the world in much the same way as marsupials are abundant in Australia.
  17. Over thousands of years, much of New Zealand’s r. ____________ population of birds evolved to become flightless on account of there being no significant threat of s. ____________ on the ground. Unfortunately, when the possum was introduced from Australia, such species had little or no defence and became easy prey for the foreign invader.
  18. The population of grey wolves in Yellowstone is thriving and scientists suggest the species no longer needs its protected t. ____________ .
  19. The u. ____________ of the Polynesian rat from the small offshore islands of New Zealand has seen the indigenous bird population stage a remarkable recovery.
  20. Conservation efforts are ongoing on the Ionian island of Zakynthos to safeguard the future of the loggerhead sea turtle. Volunteers patrol the beaches that act as its nesting ground throughout the v. ____________ season.
  21. The Arctic fox w. ____________ its winter coat at the onset of spring.
  22. Blubber is a very effective form of x. ____________ against the freezing cold temperatures seals often encounter in the ocean.
  23. The wolves had a huge y. ____________ and travelled more than 50 km per day.
  24. The pride males regularly marked their z. ____________ to warn off rivals.
  25. The city has a problem with a1. ____________ dogs and needs to look at neutering the male population to prevent the problem getting worse.
  26. The b1. ____________ horses that roam the Snowy Mountains of Australia are known as the Brumbies.


The Natural World

a. cull

b. run

c. stock

d. prey

e. ban

f. adverse

g. tropics

h. conservation

i. resurgent

j. identity

k. gestation

l. heat

m. solitary

n. breach

o. apex

p. alpha

q. Placental


r. indigenous

s. predation

t. status

u. eradication

v. nesting

w. sheds


x. insulation

y. range

z. territory

a1. stray

b1. feral

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