Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+: FOOD, TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS (Part 3)

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(A) Match the words or phrases in Column A with their strongest collocations in Column B.

Column A                  Answer Column B
(a) toilet

(b) carry-on

(c) cab

(d) foreign-exchange

(e) ski

(f) cabin

(g) departure

(h) double

(i) air

(j) travel

(k) gap

  (i) luggage

(ii) lodge

(iii) bag

(iv) sickness

(v) year

(vi) miles

(vii) occupancy

(viii) counter

(ix) gate

(x) crew

(xi) fare

Which of the collocations above:

  1. is a term used to describe a long break students often take before starting their third-level education?
  2. is a form of accommodation?
  3. is a type of hotel-room booking?

Select an appropriate collocation from those you matched above to fill each gap in the following sentences:

  1. The _______ from the airport to the hotel was considerably less than I had feared it might be; I read horror stories before I got here of how tourists are frequently ripped off.
  2. My _______ exceeded the weight limit and had to be put in the hold.
  3. The _______ was changed at the last minute, causing considerable confusion amongst passengers wishing to board the flight.
  4. I got 1,000 bonus _______ for using my frequent flyer number when booking.

(B) Complete the following sentences by inserting the missing verb. You do not have any clues to help you.

  1. I don’t normally _________ business class, but I had an operation only last week so comfort is my priority.
  2. We’ve been _________ on standby for the next available return-flight to Majorca.
  3. Please _________ via the rear exit of the plane.
  4. The plane _________ off from the runway without incident despite a strengthening crosswind.
  5. His application for a visa was _________ down due to an incident which occurred on a previous visit to the country.
  6. The flight has been _________ by more than three hours on account of the adverse weather conditions.
  7. It is customary here in America to _________ the bellboy at least 5% of the room-price.
  8. He remains _________ at Frankfurt airport until such time as the runway .
  9. Efforts to _________ the runway of lying snow have proved in vain as the clean-up crew have also had to contend with fresh falls.
  10. The plane was forced to _________ to Jefferson Airport on account of the runway closures at its original terminal destination.

(C) Use the words from the box below to fill In the gaps in sentences 1-12.

retreat(s)          amenity(les)     jaunt                sabbatical        junket

capacity           promenade(s)  hiatus               recuperation    keepsake(s)

hectic               regatta(s)         diversion(s)     downtime        itinerary

  1. The hotel we stayed at had a great range of _________, and, as a result, we barely felt the need to venture out all week.
  2. When we arrived, we were informed that the hotel was full to _________, and that our room was no longer available due to an administrative error that had seen it double-booked.
  3. A Sunday _________ to the hills is all the holiday I need to feel refreshed and ready to face another week of work.
  4. The government-sponsored _________ was ostensibly a trade trip but in reality it was a holiday by any other name.
  5. He purchased a traditional drum as a(n) _________ to remember his trip by.
  6. They strolled along the _________ hand-in-hand and watched the sun set over the still ocean.
  7. Our Economics lecturer is on _________ for the next six months, which means we’ll have someone new teaching us this semester.
  8. The band took a(n) _________ for three months to have a much-needed break from one another.
  9. He is staying at a(n) _________ up in the mountains for a few weeks; apparently isolating himself from the outside world is just the form of _________ he needs right now to help him recover from his breakdown.
  10. We changed our _________ somewhat from the original plan and decided to give ourselves some more  _________ to relax and do nothing; we realised you were right about our schedule being too  _________ and unrealistic.
  11. This year’s _________ is predicted to be the best-attended for many a year with a crowd of 10,000 expected to turn out to see the boats off.
  12. For me, holidays are a welcome _________ from the grim realities of working life.

(D) Choose the correct word to fill each gap from the two answer-choices given and change the form/tense if required.

  1. He had an unfortunate experience on his last trip abroad so opted for a ________ holiday this time. [foreign / domestic]
  2. Passengers were asked to have their tickets ready for display and ________ the plane by the rear exit only while a technical fault in the front door was being examined by ground crew. [board / disembark]
  3. His holiday was ________ by two days on account of his having to rush back home in time for the birth of his third grandson. [cut short / postpone]
  4. His daughter’s injury served to ________ his return to the family home while he stayed behind at the resort to care for her. [delay / hasten]




a. iii        b. i       c. xi     d. viii   e. ii      f. x

g. ix       h. vii        i. vi      j. iv     k. v

1 gap year 2. ski lodge 3. double occupancy 4. cab fare

5. carry-on luggage 6. departure gate 7. air miles


1  fly/travel 2. put 3. disembark/exit 4. took 5. Turned

6.  delayed 7. tip 8. stranded/stuck – reopens/clears 9. clear 10. divert


1  amenities 2. capacity 3. jaunt 4. junket 5. keepsake

6. promenade 7. sabbatical 8. hiatus 9. retreat/recuperation

10. itinerary/downtime/hectic 11. regatta 12. diversion


  1. domestic        2. board          3. cut short      4. delay

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