Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+: ISSUES FACING YOUNG PEOPLE ( Part 2)


Teen Mischief-making     

Match the verbs in Column A with the phrases in Column B.

Column A Answer Column B
(a) falling

(b) playing

(c) dabbling

(d) rebelling

(e) getting

(f) getting

(g) getting/having

(h) ganging

(i) spreading

(j) puling

(k) making

(1) acting

(m) sparing

(n) flunking

(o) vying

(p) flouting

(q) having

(r) sleeping

  (i) around

(ii) with drugs

(iii) up to no good

(iv) against authority

(v) a run in with the law

(vi) the class

(vii) a criminal record

(viii) one over on your peers

(ix) rash decisions

(x) for attention

(xi) no thought for anyone

(xii) on the spur of the moment

(xiii) a strop

(xiv) up on one another

(xv) malicious rumours

(xvi) the rules

(xvii) truant

(xviii) in with the wrong crowd

Now use a number of the phrases above to fill in the gaps. You will not need to use all of them, and nor will you have to change the verb form or tense for the correct answers.

  1. I am____________ and it’s looking very likely that I’ll have to repeat.
  2. No doubt that ‘angel’ of ours is____________ again with those mischievous friends of his.
  3. Why must you persist in____________ ? One of these days you will get caught and wind up in serious trouble.
  4. If I catch your son____________ again, Mrs White, he will automatically be expelled; his attendance record is already appalling.
  5. Alex and Paula are always____________ ; I have to be very careful to devote equal time to them both so as not to be accused of favouritism.

Teen Relationships and Relationship Issues

Select a verb from the box which fits in each gap and change the form or tense as appropriate. Some verbs are used more than once.

fall       call       do        go        stand   break   chat     brush   ask       fall
  1. We’d been __________ steady for about six months before he __________ it off.
  2. They__________ off the engagement just before Christmas and__________ up.
  3. I spent the whole night__________ her up and eventually plucked up the courage to__________ her out.
  4. She __________ me off and said she wasn’t interested.
  5. When it was clear to us both that it wasn’t working, we __________ our separate ways for good.
  6. He __________ the dirt on me with my best friend; I don’t think I can ever forgive either of them.
  7. We’d arranged to meet outside Barney’s Cafe at 8 o’clock, but she __________ me up.
  8. We’re __________ up and going to __________ it quits.
  9. I __________ for her in a bad way and was besotted for the best part of two years.
  10. We__________ head over heals in love probably the first time we ever met; it was sort of instant.


Teen mischief – making

a xviii             b. xvii              c. ii             d. iv          e. iii/viii

f iii/viii          g. vii                h. xiv          i. xv           j. xiii

k ix                  l. xii                 m. xi           n. vi          o. x

p xvi                q. v                  r. i

  1. flunking the class
  2. getting up to no good
  3. flouting the rules
  4. playing truant
  5. vying for attention

Teen Relationships and Relationship Issues

1. going-broke/called

2. called/broke

3. chatting/ask

4. brushed

5. went

6. did

7. stood

8. breaking/call

9. fell

10. fell

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