Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: MEDICAL AND HEALTH ISSUES (Part 1)

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Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: MEDICAL AND HEALTH ISSUES – Practice Exercises and Answer Key 


Three of a Kind: Find the missing word.

For each group of sentences, 1 – 7, there is one suitable word which will fill all the gaps. Find out what it is and write it in the space provided.


(a) He was rushed to the Accident and Emergency room.

(b) There was a medical emergency on my flight to Seoul – luckily a doctor was on hand to help.

(c) I work in the ER, also known as the Emergency Room. It’s not pleasant work, but I do save lives on a daily basis.

(a) The doctors removed a foreign __________ from his skull.

(b) His __________ temperature had fallen dangerously low and he was suffering from hypothermia.

(c)  His __________ -fat content was far too high and he was put on a special diet.

(a) The patient had a very low__________ threshold, so the doctor administered a strong local anaesthetic.

(b) He was complaining of a throbbing__________ in his head, and then suddenly collapsed on the floor.

(c) She prescribed the patient some strong __________ relief tablets.

(a) She was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of __________ cancer.

(b) The burn wound required a__________ graft, but seems to have healed quite well since the procedure.

(c) Her __________ came out in an itchy red rash, which doctors blamed on an allergic reaction to the medicine she was taking.

(a) The surgeon was forced to remove the organ entirely from its socket, and replace it with a glass __________ .

(b) The doctor prescribed special __________ drops to counteract the dryness problem.

(c) His black __________ was caused by none other than his six-year-old daughter, who accidentally hit her father in the face with a toy doll she was swinging around in the air as part of some sort of game.

(a) The patient complained of __________ spasm in the neck area. However, the symptom disappeared within a few days.

(b) The extent of the __________ fatigue experienced by the patient was such that he struggled to perform any task requiring even the slightest use of force.

(c) The heart is principally composed of cardiac __________- not the type, mind, that you can build up by going to the gym; this is a special kind found only in the walls of the heart.

(a) The white blood__________ are those which perform the immunising role and protect the body against infections and disease.

(b) Cancerous __________ were basically once normal, but have mutated and begun attacking surrounding __________ and invading the rest of the body.

(c) Examination of the __________ under a microscope revealed that the damage was deeper than previously thought and that the disease was highly invasive.

(a) He fractured the metatarsal__________ in his big toe and was sidelined for six weeks. He only returned to training for the first time with the rest of the team on Saturday.

(b) Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the __________ marrow. This type of cancer is very serious unless caught early.

(c) The suspected break to the__________ proved to only be a bad sprain on further examination.

Medical Abbreviations [Write these common abbreviations out in full.]

1. ER  = Emergency Room

2. A & E

3. STD

4. ICU

5. GP

6. DOA

7. ENT Surgeon      (clue: parts of the body)

8. TB                       (clue: type of disease)

9. PM                      (clue: ……. Autopsy)


Three of a Kind: Find the missing word

1 body             2. pain            3. skin              4. eye

5 muscle          6. cells             7. bone

Medical Abbreviations

  1. Emergency Room
  2. Accident and Emergency
  3. Sexual Transmitted Disease
  4. Intensive Care Unit
  5. General Practitioner
  6. Dead on Arrival
  7. Ear, Nose and Throat
  8. Tuberculosis
  9. Post Mortem (autopsy)

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