Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: MEDICAL AND HEALTH ISSUES (Part 3)


Word Transformation

In the box below there are 15 words. You will need to use each word once only in completing sentences 1-15. You will have to change the form of the correct word in order for it to fit the gap in the relevant sentence.

impair              defect              symptom         immune           hereditariness

deficient          diagnose          remiss              prescribe          spine

dependent       prognose          morbid             therapy                        elect

  1. The tests showed up an iron__________ , so now I have to take supplements every morning.
  2. His alcohol __________ is becoming a real issue which could potentially ruin his life.
  3. The patient’s __________ heart valve was operated on successfully this morning.
  4. You have an enhanced__________ to this strain of the flu virus – there is no chance of you falling ill.
  5. __________ injury this severe can often result in paralysis – you are a very lucky man.
  6. Why is it that I can never seem to read the handwriting on the doctor’s__________ , but, when I hand it to the pharmacist, she seems to understand perfectly.
  7. The __________ benefits of gardening are widely acknowledged.
  8. I expect that I will get breast cancer sadly at some point in my life – it’s __________ , you see – my mother and grandmother before me had it.
  9. I’m having __________ surgery to have the lesion removed. It’s a prudent step; in two or three years time, what’s to say it won’t have mutated into something far more deadly?
  10. The cancer is in __________ thank goodness – though I haven’t got the all-clear just yet…
  11. The patient is__________ obese, which is severely impacting on his quality of life.
  12. The __________ is good – as the disease was caught early I have an excellent chance of recovery.
  13. The __________ of arthritis came as a shock to me – I’m only 32 for goodness’ sake.
  14. A mouth ulcer that lasts more than three weeks may be __________ of oral cancer.
  15. The accident left him with a permanent visual __________ .

Word Association 2

(a) Column A contains verbs which collocate strongly with nouns in Column B. Decide which verb goes with which noun.

Column A Answer Column B
(a) sedate

(b) administer

(c) dress

(d) deliver

(e) probe

(f) amputate

(g) admit

(h) detect

(i) analyse

(j) burp

(k) discontinue

(1) develop

  (i) the limb

(ii) the wound

(iii) an improvement

(iv) the baby

(v) the wound

(vi) the sample

(vii) the patient to the ward

(viii) the drug

(ix) the treatment

(x) the baby

(xi) the patient

(xii) an allergy

(b) Use the verbs from Column A above to fill in the gaps in the extract below. You should use each verb no more than once. You will not need all the verbs. You may need to change the tense of the verb concerned.

He was ___________ to hospital after the car accident to have his leg _____________ . When the doctor _____________  the wound, however, he decided the leg could be saved. The operation was a success, but the patient had an adverse reaction to the post-op medication he was being _____________ , and his wound got infected as a result. The doctor immediately _____________ the course of antibiotics the patient had been on, and the wound was  _____________ promptly. A routine blood test _____________ in the lab then resulted in a very disturbing discovery – the patient was a carrier of the AIDS virus, unbeknownst to himself. The doctor was forced to _____________ the bad news to the patient, who had to be _____________ on learning of the revelation, such was his state of shock.


Word Transformation

l deficiency 2. dependency 3. defective 4. immunity

5 Spinal 6. prescription 7. therapeutic 8. hereditary

9 elective 10. remission 11. morbidly 12. prognosis

13 diagnosis 14. symptomatic 15. impairment

Word Association 2


a xi      b. viii   c. v/ii   d. x/iv e. v/ii   f. i

g vii     h. iii     i. vi      j. x/iv   k. ix     l. xii


admitted / amputated / probed / administered / discontinued / dressed / analysed / deliver / sedated

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