Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 + : Medical and Health Issues (Part 4)

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Medical and Health Issues (Part 4)

Odd One Out

(a) For each of the following, 1-12, identify and circle the odd one out.

  1. (a) aching                (b) bleeding           (c) throbbing   (d) nagging
  2. (a) scalpel                (b) probe                (c) forceps       (d) bandage
  3. (a) break                  (b) crack                 (c) fracture      (d) wound
  4. (a) sling                    (b) splint                (c) syringe       (d) brace
  5. (a) stretcher             (b) crutch               (c) drip             (d) wheelchair
  6. (a) blister                 (b) fever                  (c) rash            (d) spot
  7. (a) coherent             (b) responsive        (c) conscious   (d) comatose
  8. (a) vomit                  (b) perspiration    (c) phlegm       (d) pus
  9. (a) constipation       (b) indigestion      (c) meningitis  (d) diarrhoea
  10. (a) contagious          (b) congenital        (c) hereditary   (d) genetic
  11. (a) recuperating      (b) terminal           (c) lethal          (d) fatal
  12. (a) coroner               (b) doner                (c) consultant  (d) physician

(b) Next, using one word from the options, a – d, for each question, 1-12, above, fill in the gaps in I – XII below. For Question I below, you will find the right answer-option by reviewing a – d in the corresponding question (Question I) above, and so on.

I The patient is____________ profusely from a wound to the lower abdomen. He needs to get to hospital immediately.

II Using his trusty ____________ , the dentist carefully extracted the tooth.

III Although incredibly painful, it proved to be little more than a hairline____________ , which would almost certainly have healed up within two to three weeks by itself.

IV He needed to wear a ____________ to support his back, which had been giving him trouble for some time.

V Why they brought out the ____________ is quite simply beyond me. The striker was back up on his feet in next-to-no-time and scored a goal barely five minutes later.

VI Don’t even think about bursting that____________- what a disgusting thing to do.

VII By midnight and not having had any coffee for five hours, I was virtually____________ but still had more work to do before I could call it a day.

VIII I became more alarmed when I started to cough up blood in my ____________ .

IX Despite ____________ being little more than an inconvenience which requires a few impromptu toilet visits in this part of the world, it remains a serious killer in poorer countries.

X The area was cordoned off in the interest of safety until such time as it was established that the disease was not ____________ .

XI  The deceased had ingested a____________ dose of pain killers.

XII You need to register as a ____________ if you want your organs to be made available to those in need upon your death.

Fifty : Fifty

For each question, chose the correct word to fill the gap from the two options given.

  1. I think you are at the wrong registration desk; this is for those staying in the hospital overnight after surgery for monitoring, but you are an ____________.

outpatient / inpatient

  1. I have suffered on-and-off with the problem very occasionally for 20 years, but it hasn’t been a(n) ____________ complaint until now – it used to go away in a matter of days.

chronic / acute

  1. The ___________ is there to support your arm in the horizontal position temporarily until you get it set in plaster.

cast / sling

  1. The _____________ or ‘fits’ as my doctor terms them are apparently a symptom of the brain tumour and will only get worse as time goes on.

spasms / seizures

  1. Please tell me the ___________ is good – I’m not ready to die.

prognosis / diagnosis

  1. The good news is it’s _____________ ; the bad news is its in a part of the body which is inoperable. All they can do, they said, is help me manage the side-effects

malign / benign

  1. My grandmother has senile___________ , so it’s not like it used to be around her – she barely resembles the person I remember from my childhood.

dementia / amnesia

Answer Key

Odd One Out


1 b       2. d      3. d      4. c      5. c      6. b

7 d       8. b      9. c      10. a    11. a    12. b


I  bleeding II. forceps III. fracture IV. brace V. stretcher

VI spot VII. comatose VIII. phlegm IX. diarrhoea

X infectious/contagious XI. lethal XII. doner

Fifty : fifty

1 outpatient 2. chronic 3. sling 4. seizures

5 prognosis 6. benign 7. dementia

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